Revenue ranking of K-Pop idols’ tours in 2022

4 K-pop idol groups among artists revealed today by Touring Data

1 BTS – 158.6 billion won, 7 shows
2 BLACKPINK – 104.5 billion won, 26 shows
3 Seventeen – 93.8 billion won, 34 shows
4 TWICE – 49.3 billion won, 14 shows

1. Is it because the BTS concert is so big? They are amazing

2. Wow.. BTS, Seventeen, BLACKPINK, TWICE, they’re daebak…

3. Seventeen worked hard

4. But for TWICE, they have 14 shows but they make a lot of money, it seems like the scale of the tour is big~ They’re getting bigger and bigger

5. Kingtan

6. Seventeen really worked hard ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. Well, aren’t groups like Stray Kids and ATEEZ famous for their overseas tours? Where did they go?

8. Wow, Seventeen and BLACKPINK performed a lot

9. BTS earned 150 billion won with only 7 shows

10. Our Seventeen is amazing!! Our kids worked so hard

11. BLACKPINK’s sales are no joke

12. TWICE is daebak, they do better than I thought

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