Revenue ranking of K-Pop idols’ tours in 2022

4 K-pop idol groups among artists revealed today by Touring Data

1 BTS – 158.6 billion won, 7 shows
2 BLACKPINK – 104.5 billion won, 26 shows
3 Seventeen – 93.8 billion won, 34 shows
4 TWICE – 49.3 billion won, 14 shows

1. Is it because the BTS concert is so big? They are amazing

2. Wow.. BTS, Seventeen, BLACKPINK, TWICE, they’re daebak…

3. Seventeen worked hard

4. But for TWICE, they have 14 shows but they make a lot of money, it seems like the scale of the tour is big~ They’re getting bigger and bigger

5. Kingtan

6. Seventeen really worked hard ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. Well, aren’t groups like Stray Kids and ATEEZ famous for their overseas tours? Where did they go?

8. Wow, Seventeen and BLACKPINK performed a lot

9. BTS earned 150 billion won with only 7 shows

10. Our Seventeen is amazing!! Our kids worked so hard

11. BLACKPINK’s sales are no joke

12. TWICE is daebak, they do better than I thought

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Only bts is impressive


How come people still in denial that bts is the biggest and in diff league when every chart and data show the number lol


No one is denying bts impact, yall are just delusional lmao


Pressed kpoppies is talking lol

Last edited 7 months ago by Here

*Cough someone said army have inferiority complex and i can see it

Color color stan

How can armys get inferiority complex because of your flop favs 😂


kingtan is very fitting I would say 🤌🏻 topping the list with only 7 shows is not only impressive, but actually insane


BTS next cb tour is going to be a bloodbath, ya’ll. Dominating with only 7 shows. Ddaeng.


Blackpink Queens 👑👑👑👑


The downvotes.😭 Jobless Blackpink antis are here 24/7


“stray kids” a group made up of antiblack members, aave butching blaccent using corny fads who cant make good music to save their life, an untalented botched bully who looks stupid on stage and gets off on people calling him the second taehyung, someone who cannot sing or rap but is getting corpse treatment so basically we cannot take him serious, a hideous grotesque alien with a chubby chin whos only role is getting fat and having spit and saliva thrown in the air everytime he grabs a mic to replicate eminem, a busted looking freak who hates black people cannot rap and resembles a fucked up looking animal on coke, a cross eyed tone deaf musically and mentally challenged inbred, the member who looks like a hideous gremlin when he smiles and is only known for picking up girls using bts’ name and looks ridiculous everytime he tries to sing or dance in general, another freak whos only personality is being the maknae without any talent to speak of and is so unaware of himself he cannot tell when he is singing off key which speaks on the level of the performances itself….


Only 7 concerts and look at the profit. The tour when they come back will have to be as long as the Map of the soul 7 tour was going to be. I can’t wait for that moment to come. 


bts>>>>>>>> these nugus

Like Crazy

BTS and Twice are the only impressive ones


Midpink doing almost 30 shows for only 100 million and y’all still try and sneak them next to bts. Where’s the shame

Color color stan

Yg’s mediaplayed group with their 26 shows and hella expensive tickets can’t beat 7 shows and some delusional blonks think bp and bts are on the same level like get a new brain 😂

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