RIIZE was praised for their singing skills through ‘Honestly’ Live Clip

RIIZE ‘Honestly’ Live Clip

1. Anton’s voice is so good

2. Wow, there aren’t any holes in this group

3. Sungchan is better than I thought

4. I knew Sohee sang well but I was surprised that the rest of the members also sang well

5. Sohee’s voice is truly a treasure

6. Wonbin, how can you sing well with that face?

7. Wonbin sings well too

8. Why is Sungchan’s voice so good?

9. Wonbin’s voice is also amazing. He does everything well

10. Wow, Wonbin sings well too

11. Wow, the harmonies are crazy, as expected from SM, Wonbin has that face and voice

12. Sohee and Wonbin are so good, Eunseok is also good so I think he will do better in the future

13. Sungchan’s voice is so good….

14. Wonbin, is he crazy? Why does he sing so well?

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