RM will leave BTS or move to another agency?

RM will leave BTS or move to another agency

At the awards ceremony, he didn’t mention the agency during his speech, now the Instagram feed has changed like this

[+32, -56]

1. [+51, -32] It would be better if he moved to the army first, right?

2. [+40, -3] He won’t leave the group, the members always say they will be BTS forever. Even if he leaves the agency, the members will all leave the agency as a group

3. [+7, -2] Looks like he’s going to a big agency overseas, there’s no agency in Korea that can take care of BTS well

4. [+6, -22] RM is not popular so he won’t leave BTS

5. [+5, -14] I don’t think RM will leave BTS, but looks like the members will do music activities under the name BTS

6. [+1, -0] Although RM is not the most popular member in BTS, isn’t he the center of BTS?

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they probably got beef with their company that day ☠️ but to assume he’s leaving is kind of a reach , honestly there’s no other company that be able to handle BTS for their works domestically and internationally .

Unless bts themselves want to open their own companies which I don’t really see ? I don’t think they have interest in managing their own companies


Maybe he was just tired? Kpop stans love their conspiracies.

Bring back discuss

The people constantly saying this want bts to disband…

WhatsThe Point

Lmao he doesn’t mention his company once doesn’t mean he’s gonna leave.
This looks like op wants them to disband and get separated so bad. He mentioned armys, that’s more than enough


There are several speeches where they don’t mention the company from the past… lmao you all want them to disband so bad.

But I wasn’t done…

I cannot stress this enough… korea doesn’t deserve RM and BTS. Being messy with their biggest musical act ever and for what?????


He’s the least popular member, probably flopped without jungkook




They spill tho. He is nothing without BTS.


bts is nothing without rm, literally every member said it

hate company shooter

same goes to him? he’s nothing without bts also 🤷🏻‍♀️


He will become one of the most popular soon☺️ the only one who has the potential after all


He won’t leave. Not when he is the one riding BTS coattails the most. His fugly ass will flop if he leave


¿Cuándo se monta de bts? Mejor lavate el culo primero


Get ur fugly ass out here loser


are u fcking stupid 😭 he is bts wdym riding coattails


Kpop sluts who salivate for plastic visuals only will not care. They like Sehuns of the world. I’d ignore them though. Bunch of little visual stans. Probably airheads.


well on the contrary, i always feel that he’s actually that member who won’t ever leave the agency tho lol


Looks like those losers wanna disband bts 🤡 their opinions so bullshit ass hell. I bet everyday they dreaming of bts’ disband but you know legends are always on the top and they will be always on the top. Rm and BTS will continue being together and doing music

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The way RM’s antis keep showing how pathetic they are is so tiring. This man carries the industry, I know, but you don’t have to keep displaying your jealousy so obviously.

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