Ronaldo’s girlfriend wears the necklace that Karina wore yesterday

Georgina at the Cannes Film Festival today

Karina at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday

Rihanna 9 years ago

The necklace is worth 1.6 billion KRW

1. It’s perfect for Rihanna, her style is so good

2. I thought Karina was pretty, but when I saw Rihanna, she was amazing, all my previous memories of Karina wearing that necklace disappeared

3. I can only see Karina and Rihanna look their best with that necklace..

4. This necklace is gorgeous and definitely goes well with pretty clothes

5. Personally, Rihanna really suits that necklace

6. Karina doesn’t suit that necklace, Rihanna is crazy

7. When I see this necklace, I think of Rihanna.. Why did Karina wear that dress?

8. ??? I didn’t even know about Karina’s necklace… I only saw her face

9. It’s a pity that Karina’s dress covers the necklace

10. Karina’s necklace and dress don’t match

11. That necklace looks so childish

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LGBTS Gaymin Ratjoon Horseok AnusD Flopjin Femcock Jennhyung

messi>>>>>>> penaldo. Karina >>>>>


Why you setting her up like that? Rihanna obviously ate her up, even kntez agree 😭


Aespa has to be the group were literally none of the members are recognizable presurgrry.


it rly does not suit Katina. makes her face look red af


By taennie shipper logic, it means Karina is dating Georgina 


The necklace is too bulky for the style they were going for. Also it’s ugly

Nigerian Prince

quite cheap for me the Nigerian Prince

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