Rosé and J-Hope are dating?

The two of them had the same nail color from that day until they left the country in June


[+255, -356]

1. [+546, -1042] Rosé has her standards, do you think she would date a kid like him?

2. [+519, -118] The losers have opened their computers and are all editing their comments. Compared to the trash haters, Hobi is like a god. Don’t touch our Jung sunshine, seriously

3. [+331, -80] But if the two of them are really dating, they really don’t seem to matchㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They are like people who will never get entangled with each other…

4. [+172, -16] But I’ve seen this before. People don’t like this just because J-Hope isn’t the visual member of the group, but he’s really an all-rounder and his personality is the best

5. [+168, -41] Seeing how V and Jennie are dating, maybe Hobi and Rosé are dating too

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