Rosé and Kang Dong Won’s picture that looks fake but turns out to be real

There’s been a lot of talk about not being Kang Dong Won

1. Is it wrong to say that they’re dating just based on that picture?

2. I don’t know anything else, but they are so cute! Aren’t they so cute?

3. I thought that picture was just a meeting between people who knew each other so I didn’t think of the dating rumors

4. Anyone can tell it’s Kang Dong Won

5. I thought it was EXO’s Chen

6. Did the dating rumor start with that picture? When I first saw that picture, I didn’t think about anything

7. Is the man in that picture Kang Dong Won?

8. I don’t know if they’re dating, but anyone can tell it’s Kang Dong Won

9. Wow, Kang Dong Won is even good at English… I envy him

10. Anyone can tell it’s Kang Dong Won and Rosé

11. Can you tell that they are dating with this picture?

12. The rest are all foreigners.. Who are they?

13. Is Kang Dong Won also an ambassador for Tiffany & Co.?

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Dvmbasses think they dating off a picture 😂


Um girlie it was YG style confirmed lmao


she is rich,pretty,famous of course have a boyfriend. it’s something you trash trolls can’t relate

dot com bubble

Men at the age of Kang Dong Won shouldn’t be dating someone of Rose’s age tbh.


Her and jennie seems have some daddies issue

Ladyboy lisa

Stop spreading that pictures 😡 she looks high 😂


lol you mean that couple


it seems jennie (gdragon) and rose (kang dong won) have the same taste in men 😂 dating someone twice their age LMAOO let’s hope jennie dates taehyung to prove that she’s still sane.


Ew free our taehyung.
We army support Jendragon. #jendragonisreal


Taehyung would never even look in her direction


This man had literally invited that pretty lil twinki Flophyung as his date for MET last year and again for his movie premiere. And that boy was clinging on to this man. So I think Kang × V


going through a whole temper tantrums just because rose is dating this hag, there’s no salvation for yall twinks 😭


YG just released a second statement that completely deny the rumor


Bcuz shes embarrass that public know shes into old guy lol


That “old guy” is one of the most famous actor in the country, how is that a drag lol


No matter how famous he is still an ugly oldies

Dozen jin

Army keeping tabs on the girls, its giving secret fan fr


As a Blink im disappointed my fav Rose is addicted to lots of penis and drugs. hopefully YG sends her to rehab so she stops her snorting activities.


Rosé is dating with Jungkook, but you guys are too blind to see that.


My fave Rose could never pull JK. She’s only fit to wash his feet which is great because she has plenty of experience

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