Rosé from BLACKPINK Faces Online Attacks, The Ugly Reality of Cyberbullying in K-Pop

The rise of cyberbullying in the K-pop world is becoming more apparent with the increasing popularity of social media platforms. Cyberbullying can have serious consequences on the mental health of idols, leading to anxiety, depression, and in some cases, suicide. The anonymity of the internet provides a platform for bullies to hide behind their screens, making it more difficult to identify and stop them.

Rosé from Blackpink has been facing online attacks and rumors from fans of other K-pop groups. She has been accused of being involved in drug use and targeted with malicious comments about her appearance and talent. 

The effects of cyberbullying on the mental health of K-pop idols like Rosé can be devastating. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicide in extreme cases. Moreover, it’s not only the idols who suffer; their fans also face the negative impact of the attacks. Cyberbullying can create a toxic environment for both idols and fans, leading to a decline in mental health and overall well-being. It’s crucial to recognize the severity of the issue and take steps to prevent it from happening.

We must create a safer and more supportive environment for K-pop idols and their fans.


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Heh…when its BTS being bullied, you guys stay silent. Even recently Jimin got bullied no less than Rose, just for being No.45 on CHART!!!! When other idols don’t even stay in Top50. He had a bad voice day once, and kmedia and “other fandom” dragging him to hell. I don’t see any kind of this post to “create a healthy and safe environtment” for BTS.

DOUBLE STANDARD! I don’t mean you all should hate Rose because what happened to her as it could be false or not. But, HAVE CONSCIENCE AND SHAME ! Where is the energy when its BTS members being hate? Although they didn’t break any law.

Idk why Pannkpop keep posting trash posts. Maybe you need traffic so much.


your fandom is the one always starting shit like be serious for a second. always playing the victim card when your nasty attitude and energy is being returned.
yall (and exols) are truly the nastiest load of crap kpop has ever given to us. just like your favorite groups.


I’m not obligated to keep track of what happens to artists I don’t stan. My focus is solely on the artists I follow, and it’s not my responsibility to fight for anyone else. It’s not a matter of double standards, but rather a reflection of the real world where we all have our own interests and priorities.

On the other hand, it’s absurd to dismiss someone else’s fight just because it doesn’t align with your own. We can still defend our favs without diminishing the struggles of other artists who may be experiencing cyberbullying.

As Blinks, we’ll keep standing for BLACKPINK only, but we hope cyberbullying ends for everyone.

WhatsThe Point

So what is ur take on blinks making self harm and r4pe jokes??


Stay silent of course. Because they’re the problem. So they keep doing this and that without thinking to make “better and safer” place.


by staying silent, you’re condoning their behaviour. why aren’t you calling them out? you’re part of the problem.


stay silent until it’s towards ur faves. got it. you don’t care


When did I say I discredit her suffering? I just like you to my favs…I didn’t care about her supposedly scandals. I didn’t encourage others to hate her as well. Are u the author? If you want to make a safer place for your girls ONLY, try to control your fandom first. Talk like this in your fanbase and to many blinks who always attacking other idols FIRST.


thousand of likes in others jokes says different


Disingenuous af comment. Bc why tf else are y’all making “my fave is a victim of this and that” articles and being silent about the fact your fandom has done the exact same to others, if it’s not because you want non-fans to take responsibility and fight for her out of sympathy lmao?


this coming from blinks are quite funny cause you guys have been bullying other girl groups like crazy too esp newjeans


All the things blinks cry about are things they’ve done to others for years, and never called out. They made up drug rumors about Jimin in 2019, slutshame Jimin, Hwasa, Twice and Newjeans daily, make fun of especially BTS’ mental health etc.
But somehow it becomes misogyny and wrong only when it happens to BP.

Last edited 5 months ago by Pannkpoop

Army are at it again.

Blackpink about to headline Coachella while Jimin is dropping faster than any #1 song has ever done before.
Nugu girl group Fifty Fifty AND Jisoo are ranking higher than Jimin on Spotify.
Jisoo is ranking higher on Melon than Jimin.
Jisoo is ranked higher on Billboard Global 200 than Jimin.
Billboard is now counts bulk-purchases as only 1 sale.

Army are in panic mode and are now resorting to using drug rumors to attack BP (after they already have thrown prostitution rumors at Blackpink for years)

Last edited 5 months ago by Larry

dozensoo debuting at 4 on bubbling under charts cause that monkey will always be the least of your priorities, twinks. thank the lord for the payola them dozens receive cause otherwise they’d be under the fucking sea💀


This is rich coming from blinks. y’all are guilty for bullying other groups too so let’s not acting like victims here.


Suga was talking about How they got hate in 2016 but can’t talk about how ARMYs bully other artists.


armys aren’t doing enough for me cause if they actually did none of you bitches would have the guts to speak on bts


deserved. maybe drugsé’s twink fans will learn how to keep other artists out of their nasty, std filled mouths. filth of the earth.



Ladyboy lisa

Not blinks talking about cyber bullying 😂, u guys should focus on rose treatment 😭


Nah, your victim card is declined. A few jokes about crack is NOTHING compared ti what you monsters do.


The way the be dragging idols with smallest fanbase but they can’t say anything because it will get worse also encourage big accounts who does this just for their little giggles

you stink

you trash should feel embarrassed to not only write this but to be this hypocritical is ridiculous


Increíble la doble moral de esta página y todas las blinks, cada día demuestran la basura y porquería de personas que son. Me hubiera gustado ver un artículo tuyo también demostrando y difundiendo el ciber acoso que Jimin de BTS está sufriendo por el tema de Billboard y como día tras día lo arrastran, porque es hombre ? Y con ella por qué es mujer? De que estamos hablando? Hay algo en la vida profesional se llama parcialidad e igualdad para todos !!!!


Hace meses hicieron (las blinks) trending topic un ht burlándose de la posibilidad de que Jimin fuese vi*lado por su CEO cuando era menor (trainee) pero ahora lloran por dos bromas sobre cocaína.

dot com bubble

Mind you, the rumor started because of a blink and now they’re acting like other Kpop fandoms are at fault 😭


An account that blinks were always cheering and praising when he dragged other gropus…but as soon as he pointed out that pic, they made him deactivate. They have no morals.


A lot of them hiding on pannkpop


I was ready to give long speech on this comment section, but it looks like everyone got the same rage after reading this post. Nice 👍🏻


You guys were bullying Jimin just yesterday? Cause Billboard decided to change the rules because of racism you went and mocked him but when it’s about YOUR fave doing drugs suddenly it’s wrong and cyberbullying? Mind you YG hasn’t made any statement about the issue despite it trending for a whole day now.


There was a tray with something that looked like white powder that blinks made a joke about her being high and then got upset when other ppl noticed the joke y’all set her up

spicy spice

the one who always cyberbullying other idols even for the smallest thing and now they ‘feel’ that they are the biggest cyberbullying victim lmao.


Instead of pointing fingers at one another, you people need to all stop being disgusting. Every time some tragedy happens, everyone has so much to say about how we should stop the hate ble ble, but after a week, it’s all the same again. Nothing will change if you people won’t change how you act.

Teenaged puppy

Suddenly blinks have morals?? No one cares about your tears now, should practice what you preach instead of being the nastiest twinks online

WhatsThe Point

This is so ironic coming from a blink… Y’all turned coke puns into self harm and r4pe jokes.. not taking y’all seriously


Bunch of hypocrites who only ask for respect for the ones you like but will drag everyone nobody believe your inocente act it’s allways the same


Blinks have no moral at all. That’s the same fandom slut shaming minors from another girl group just because they debuted well but always using misoginy as a shield when it comes to their favs. They are always wishing to bts members being r4ped at military; recently, trending hashtag about one of them being raped by their CEO;
laughing about one of the members dead relatives when he speaked about how hard was to loose them.
Is known that menthal health & respect is on the table only for their favs. Disgusting.


“I did it bc they did it” -that doesn’t sit right. Don’t come clean by pointing who did it worst or did it first, the point is YOU STILL DID IT. Every words you commented online reflects who you are today and how worst you will be in the future not only in online world surely it will reflect too on your real life’s attitude and behavior.


Where’s the energy when blonks bully other idols?


The audacity to write this lmao. Where have you been for the last 10 years? Rose will be fine, her own fans have done this and way worse to other idols.
So stfu


Blinks and Armies are all hypocrites. And the toxicity of the kpop fans starts with A, next is B.


add nctzens and exols


just fyi, as a person who was there and watched it all go down, ppl from YOUR fandom started spreading it and making jokes instead of just not making it a big deal.. we just hopped on to the jokes now yall are backtracking and making it seem like we’re bullying her just because when thats NOT the case. and the response from yall was ABSURD and DISGUSTING. editing self harm scars on jungkooks wrists (back when he was 17/18) , posting pictures of dead horses hoping it was jhope, hoping jimin was sexually assaulted.. and so many more things. but now yall care about bullying bc we said a few crack jokes? please y’all aren’t going to heaven either so yall can stop pretending to be morally superior it’s ANNOYING. maybe worry about what’s gonna happen to the one seen with hard drugs instead of running ur mouths about bts.


So it’s only ‘cyber bullying’ when it’s black pink? Lmao

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