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Rose favorite lines


Drugs queen of kpop Rose


Go kys


It was already proven to be false, watch how disgusting ppl act in the comments. Yall filthy animal leave her alone

Ladyboy lisa

What prove 😂 no one clarify anything


For stupid ppl like you, pls find the alleged drug in the pic first, then we’ll talk



There’s the article where YGE responded saying they will sue.

“The rumors circulating about Rosé in online communities and SNS are clearly false. We are taking legal action against acts that violate human rights of our artists and damage their reputation. We’re currently monitoring those who create and spread rumors and we’ll take strong legal action without any leniency or agreement in the future.”

Anything else?


They don’t need to classify a lie created by a bunch of pathetic idiots like you, they went straight to sue.

Teenaged puppy



Spread Love, not hate

Ladyboy lisa

When will yg clarify this??? They are expert in drug


They don’t need to classify a lie created by a bunch of pathetic idiots like you, they went straight to sue.


I don’t think anyone can be that dumb to post a picture of them while taking drugs? Unless the one who posted it was really careless

dot com bubble

I think the OP didn’t see it at first, then they deleted it quickly


She didn’t post it and that’s why it was later deleted


Yeah i wasn’t talking about her either. I talked about the one who posted it

you stink

of course it’s from a yg group, wouldn’t be surprising if they have their own farm in columbia

Rose snorted white powder

Can you believe this? Rose of BLACKPINK getting accused of doing drugs? If it’s true, what a pathetic way to ruin a successful career. Some people just can’t handle fame and end up making stupid decisions. She should’ve known better, considering her status as a role model. It’s seriously disappointing.

Big Bussin'

The comment that said Crackśe 🤣🤣🤣


lame ass humour


What a stupid post, it doesn’t even remotely looks the same, its a short broccoli shape and looks more like a used hastily folded tissue or the marble design than whatever the hell is that container thing

I bet pannkpop would delete my comments again just like they did when I pointed out their false “proof” that turned out to just be the table design and the ashtray marble design, plus when I pointed out the countless reasons why a person might delete a photo that doesn’t necessarily mean they did anything bad

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Hope armys know that pannkpop users an be easily tracked just like twitter users😭good luck with that lawsuit cus YG responded already u losers


If she really didn’t do drugs, this is indeed unfair towards her. But please grow up and learn about the real world hun, no korean label has the ability to sue foreigners for saying something online 😭

dot com bubble

Sojang is alive and kicking even though literal kpop idols called the hag out but you think YG’s statements will have an effect? Pls so naive 😭


I don’t really care either way, but if the guy didn’t delete the photo it would be less sus tbh

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