Rosé’s voice was the best during the performance

Rosé’s voice was the best during the performance

Seriously amazing. I think Rosé’s voice is the best

[+243, -26]

1. [+59, -18] Only Rosé is like a real singer

2. [+58, -23] BLACKPINK’s only hope and artist, Rosé

3. [+45, -17] The ranking of the members’ live singing skills in my opinion, Rosé >>>>> wall >> Jennie > Jisoo > Lisa

4. [+29, -7] I think Rosé’s solo stage and Lovesick Girls’ stage were the best

5. [+18, -2] Rosé did so well

6. [+11, -0] Rosé’s voice is like a treasure, Rosé’s voice in BLACKPINK definitely plays an important role in making them different from other girl groups

7. [+10, -0] The best singer

8. [+7, -0] Seriously, Rosé has a unique voice, but her voice is solid

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No Way

Daddy issue gurl

dot com bubble

LOL you’re a child who has to censor her words, go back to school, kid.


Do you even attempt to change the way you type and drag when using different accounts? My fellow twinks are dumb hags just like our faves

Like Crazy

Lipsync queens

I got you mad right

Talking about others vocals while your fav got dragged by 45k people

WhatsThe Point

45k were bitter ass kpop stans

Like Crazy

Jisoo is not my fave.

dot com bubble

Y’all really assumed a low rating show like MCountDown is gonna have an impact on BTS. Keep crying yourselves to sleep LMAO.


Yasss jimin queen of lipsynx


All their voices are good. But shes a vocal genius


I know because all the goats back at the barnyard say she’s a legend

King kook

The obsession 💀 he went there for a whole different artist. But I know this is a big achievement for you and the 4 uglees


Jungkook is old and Uglee looking 🤢🤢🤢

dot com bubble

The obsession LOL. Maybe if you focus on Blackpink, y’all can get them a top 10 debut on the Hot100. How embarrassing that they’re a 7 year old group with no real achievements except YouTube views.

dot com bubble

Look at how kpoppies here are focusing on BTS. Pls, BTS don’t need your attention, they’re already among the biggest artists in the world. Focus on your favs so they can at least do decently instead of flopping all the time.

spicy spice

they should bring this energy to their concerts like their coachella performances are always on fire, their energy was spilled everywhere but they don’t give a single fck when they are performing at their concerts like..


Pann is full of Rosé akgaes lmaooo, they always drag the other members down and mass like posts praising her to make it seem like public opinion


Indeed that’s why I’m so grateful when her scandal was out




Knetz setting up my fave goatśe for drags. She’s subpar in everything

Ladyboy lisa

Spilled 🤭


Imagine saying this when crackśe uses he long ass chin to peg all her members before handing them off to Jeremy oppa for the finale

Ladyboy lisa

I heard using dr*gs can improve your vocal 😂


And some old dicks

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