S.E.S. Eugene danced to NewJeans’ ‘Hype boy’ yesterday

1. Something that suits SES’ style, she dances well and is so pretty

2. In SES, I think Eugene dances best, her voice is also the best among the three of them

3. When NewJeans debuted, even though they weren’t from the SES generation, I thought a lot about Eugene, maybe because they had long and straight hair, they were innocent and had 90s vibes

4. Every time I see NewJeans, they remind me of SES

5. Even if she dances with the NewJeans members, I think it will be so natural

6. When Minji gets older, she will resemble Eugene…!

7. Wow crazy…. It’s the best cover I’ve ever seen

8. Eugene makes me think of Minji

9. The song suits Eugene so wellㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s like she’s dancing to her own song

10. I’m sure former idols know how to use facial expressions ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. Before, when I saw New Jeans, I thought of SES

12. I think Eugene unnie is the prettiest, even now, she dances well

13. Wow, she’s energetic, she’s still fresh and pretty, she dances well, daebak

14. Wow, Eugene and Minji look alike, they dance so well

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I just realized eugene is just yujin lmfao

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We’ve come full circle. I said that NewJeans’ concept had to be inspired by SES and got downvoted like crazy, but it’s clear Korean folk thought the same.


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