Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor Bridge in Doha Qatar turned purple for BTS Jungkook

1. Wow I hope Jungkook likes it

2. It’s not like BTS performing there, it’s just that Jungkook is there

3. Wow daebak, so beautiful, I’m so impressed

4. Crazy.. BTS are overseas superstars

5. Did Jungkook see it? I’m sure he’ll love it

6. Once again, BTS’s popularity is crazy

7. BTS seems to be treated well overseas

8. Thank you for being so sincere, Qatar!! Jungkook-ah, I don’t know what it is, but I will be looking forward to it..!!

9. Qatar is so sincere, if Jungkook sees it, he will love it

10. It’s nice to see our Jungkook being treated so well in Qatar

11. It’s so pretty, I wish Jungkook saw it too

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