Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor Bridge in Doha Qatar turned purple for BTS Jungkook

1. Wow I hope Jungkook likes it

2. It’s not like BTS performing there, it’s just that Jungkook is there

3. Wow daebak, so beautiful, I’m so impressed

4. Crazy.. BTS are overseas superstars

5. Did Jungkook see it? I’m sure he’ll love it

6. Once again, BTS’s popularity is crazy

7. BTS seems to be treated well overseas

8. Thank you for being so sincere, Qatar!! Jungkook-ah, I don’t know what it is, but I will be looking forward to it..!!

9. Qatar is so sincere, if Jungkook sees it, he will love it

10. It’s nice to see our Jungkook being treated so well in Qatar

11. It’s so pretty, I wish Jungkook saw it too

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This is jk impact love to see this purple world 💜

WhatsThe Point

Tae creating borahae made such a huge impact, cities then purple for them on their own.
I’m sure jk has seen it, and yes BTS is treated better overseas than in their own country


It’s a BTS world and we’re all just living in it 🤭💜


See that is impact and they didnt have to pay for it like certain other groups who feign impact


Hybe paid the way wbk

Last edited 10 months ago by Kimmy

hybe is very stingy, you know. they wouldn’t want to pay for things like this, all they care about is taking fans money as much as possible, especially army. Fortunately, there were many rich armys so their products were always sold out, which made them want to sell more products.

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