Saying that Jeon Somi looks Western is okay, but saying NewJeans’ Hanni looks like Southeast Asian is mocking her?

It’s okay to say that Jeon Somi looks like a Westerner but

A mysterious world where NewJeans’ Hanni will be offended if we say that she looks like a Southeast Asian ^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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1. [+86, -3] This is for realㅋㅋ… When I didn’t know Hanni was Vietnamese, I said her visuals had Southeast Asian vibes but the fans cursed at me… I said it because I thought she really looked like a Southeast Asian, as if they were expressing their views of Southeast Asia as inferior to mine

2. [+58, -3] But seriously, even if you say that she’s pretty, it sounds like you’re mocking her when you say that she looks Southeast Asian, because of prejudice. The truth is that there are many pretty celebrities in Vietnamㅋㅋ Hani doesn’t have a completely Southeast Asian face but her facial features and ears have Vietnamese vibes. But of course, Hanni has no choice but to be Vietnamese, right? She looks like a Southeast Asian = It’s not that she’s ugly, it’s that the fans think it’s negative

3. [+54, -32] You just say that she’s pretty, “Wow, she really looks like a Southeast Asian!” If you say that, people can clearly see your intentionsㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+43, -4] In the first place the use of the phrase “looks like Vietnamese” as a way to discriminate among Asiansㅋㅋㅋ It’s natural that Vietnamese people look like Vietnamese…

5. [+26, -4] It’s racist…

6. [+24, -6] No, you guys don’t usually use the word Southeast Asia in a good wayㅋㅋ You guys don’t even have a conscience

7. [+12, -3] Korea is definitely not a multiracial country, so they know nothing about racism.. What race do you look like? This is racist and extremely disrespectful

8. [+1, -2] It’s not racist, but frankly, Westerners are superior. Have you ever heard of Westerners being racist?

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