SBS Gayo Daejeon’s final line-up gets good responses

I really want to go

1. They said the lineup was good because all the top 4th generation idols attended

2. There are no solo artists, ballad artists or trot singers there, they are all idols, I’m an idol fan too, but I don’t like this

3. Are there any 3rd generation idols?

4. Treasure didn’t attend??? I really enjoyed watching their stage at MAMA, so I want to watch it again

5. Except for NCT, are they all 4th generation?

6. I can feel the generation change

7. NCT is the male idol with the most fans in Korea after BTS so the lineup is goodㅋㅋ

8. I tried to tell my mother that Lim Young Woong would attend, but he didn’t attend

9. Isn’t that the award ceremony lineup you watched recently?

10. It’s great that there are so many 4th generation idols

11. The lineup is much better than MAMAㅋㅋㅋ

12. It’s a pity that there’s no BTS and Seventeen, BLACKPINK too

13. There are only idols, so it’s like a music show every week

14. Is Cravity Popular? Other idols are popular or have hit songs or something like that

15. Looks like BTS, Seventeen, BLACKPINK, and TWICE are all absent from the year-end stage

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