Seeing celebrities attend Jennie x Calvin Klein collection launch party shows that Jennie’s influence is insane

Wow Jennie’s influence is crazy

Jennie x Calvin Klein’s collection launch party

Artists such as Lee Hyori, Rowoon, Shin Yeeun, etc., wore Jennie’s collection and attended

Besides, there were also a lot of celebrities attending the party.. Jungkook and Kazuha also went

The Simi Haze twins also went to South Korea to attend. I’ve been following Kim Jennie since her debut, seeing her grow up like this, seriously.. I’m so proud of her ㅠㅠ

From Coachella, Met Gala to Calvin Jennie party, the whole world is Jennie

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1. [+37, -8] Freaking pretty

2. [+25, -7] She was so pretty today

3. [+22, -8] Since Jungkook is a model, he also went to

4. [+17, -6] The pictures taken with the phone camera are so pretty

5. [+12, -4] F*cking pretty

6. [+7, -2] World tour, Coachella, Met Gala, Calvin Jennie collection, Cannes Film Festival, collaboration with The Weeknd, Chanel campaigns continuously being filmed, all taking place this year

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6. [+7, -2] World tour, Coachella, Met Gala, Calvin Jennie collection, Cannes Film Festival, collaboration with The Weeknd, Chanel campaigns 

and that’s why a lot of kpop stans are mad and her haters will keep fuming 🤭


Nothing to be proud if she spread her legs to get those deals lol


wow okay, are you a woman? why would that in an article about a woman’s achievement. Bet you wouldn’t say this to a man lol


Do you think a man never fuck old lady/man to get a job? Lol. You are delusional. They are same as this slut. Unless you are talented and organic like lalisa


BTS be spreading their cheeks and Army love them for it, so….



Pretty sure the one who seen going to hotel with men, griding her flat ass to men, date a numerous men are flopink member lol


She is too lazy even for the casting couch. Her rich family and powerful company have handed her everything. She is so awkward here. She is still just a talentless and uncharismatic rich kid.


why are people upvoting something so disgusting?


Woamen downgrading other women you should be ashamed of urself jxt becoz u are insecure or angry about something in ur life doesn’t mean u come online and pour hate to people


World tour? Barely sold
Coachella? The dead crowd one? Lol
Met gala? She attend? Oh well shes not blake no hype at all lol
Ck? Her fan really think people come bcuz of her? They come bcuz of ck name lol
Weekend? Oh that shit movie with another nepo kid..depp kid right? Lol
Chanel? Oh thats thanks to gd..she will never got that if she didnt debut under yg and bigbang name lol


Lmao closeted fans me think


No need to be closeted fans when multi and solo stan exist especially bp solo stan. They are the one who will spread those thing since..umm thats theirr bring down other member except their bias lol


And the replies here are proving my point. Jennie got them fuming again (like everyday) Stay mad babes.🥺


Nothing to be mad abt this nepo and dozen kid lol


Do you ever read what Army say about themselves? Over and over they admit they were mentally unhealthy until they found BTS. They say BTS “saved them”.

I am being 100% serious.

Army are literally composed of people with low self esteem who hitched their egos to BTS. If BTS succeeds they feel like THEY succeed, and if BTS fails they feel like THEY are, once again, failures.

Thus they are compelled to attack any group that could be seen as rivalling their favs.


Thats long ass essay. Too boring and lazy to read but i will downvote lol


Army aren’t known for their reading abilities.


That’s not how it works lol. This is not her own brand..its just a collab. People go to the event bcuz of calvin klein lol


Ikr. Did they think this celeb will decline invitation from calvin klein if jennie will never collab with ck? Lol

Teenaged puppy

Made no noise except to her own twink fandom be serious


Weird take.

Everyone knows the gays stick to BTS’s fandom.

The straights are spread out among the other fandoms.

Teenaged puppy

No one’s taking you seriously when it’s a known fact that you and the other 30 twinks that worship these pigeon toed whores are the face of the fandom.

Probably why slutpink can never touch top 20 in hot 100 because one cannot survive off twinks alone.


6. [+7, -2] World tour, Coachella, Met Gala, Calvin Jennie collection, Cannes Film Festival, collaboration with The Weeknd, Chanel campaigns continuously being filmed, all taking place this year

and then her solo stans complain about her being mistreated and attack the rest of the members 💀💀


Its boring! YG always mediaplay this kind of things. Was it Jennie’s influence or CK’s invitation who made all those artists including Jungkook came? There’s no doubt about it. Its CK’s ! Yeaaaah, it shouldn’t be a surprise. They didn’t come for Jennie, a paid ambassador. They came from CK’s invitation. Why r people so dumb nowadays.


Nobody would have heard of that event without Jungkook lmao


Stalkerkook 🤣🤣


Why do people think JK is stalking Jennie to all her events trying to hit on her when she’s already dating V would he try to snake his best friend and member’s girlfriend be serious

super sally

Stop associating Taehyung with that girl. All those rumors are fake and Bighit has already called it defamation and sued the person who made up those rumors. It only benefits her and everybody knows it. Shameful.


You need to go back to school to learn what is stalker lol


Ugh..Paid hater everywhere. Yet, you didn’t get rich for it


“Babygirl! He’s a babygirl! And the general public loves men who are babygirls!”
– Things literally nobody thinks aside from Army

Last edited 6 months ago by LarryIsTheBest

Ugly paid hater



Like Crazy

It’s a CK event, they didn’t come for her

Ladyboy lisa

More like they part of CK 😂😂😂 blinks moving like yg mediaplaying

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 leg spreaders

Blinks really thought their girlie has clout 😂 that’s all CK twinks 😂

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

Idk why armchairs are always under pinks posts?? Are your favs that boring?

Said the one who have that username lol. Prettu sure your fav are the boring one and talentless lol


Armchairs are composed of overweight girls with low self esteem. BP represent everything they will never be.

They HATE that the pretty members of BP are rivals to their favorite babygirl boy group.

Teenaged puppy

Shut up twink. You’ll never be a woman no matter how much you lick bps flat ass


Yesss…fight…fight ! Its funny to see two paid haters do a cat fight

Teenaged puppy

Get bent, cunt. 😘


Ugly Paid Hater stay poor eventhough you are paid to hate


Despite all their fashion and Influencer connections BP have never had a single hit outside of Asia it’s wild. Their influence is mostly in Asia because of their image.

The Weeknd’s idol show is about to be panned on a huge scale. Why did Jennie allow herself to do a song with him about how she likes to be choked by her boyfriend, locked up and abused???? I thought BP had a girl power image.


Their image is they are superior than other women and those women are copying them lol

Ladyboy Lisa

Only SEA knows them 😅

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

The way armchairs talk about pinks is so disgusting. Have some shame


saying that with that name? after harassing bts under every single article about them? taste your own medicine 😘

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

What name? It’s not as bad as yours


jenslut, slvthyung.. seems one and the same to me, no? or yall don’t like receiving the same energy you have for others?

Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

But V is a boi he won’t get preggo even if he is passed by wooga

Last edited 6 months ago by Slvthyung likes being passed around by wooga

Ugly paid hater everywhere !


ofc, she’s a seoul cycle anyway

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