Seeing Nayeon and Baekhyun doing solos, I think the most important thing for idols is their skills

Of course, there are many genius idols…

1. Baekhyun..?

2. Are you guys wondering about Baekhyun’s skills? This is so funny

3. I don’t know idols well, but I know that Baekhyun’s skills are good

4. This is my first time seeing people criticizing Baekhyun for his skills

5. That’s because they debuted under big agencies

6. I really like TWICE’s songs, Nayeon sings well and does well on stage. That’s why she does well as a solo artist

7. Baekhyun sings really well… What’s up with the comments?…

8. There are a lot of idols that are popular because of their visuals, but since they are really popular because of their skills, I think it’s true that skills are the most important

9. It’s ridiculous that fans of that group are criticizing Baekhyun for his skills

10. ? Nayeon…??? Are you saying Nayeon has good skills?

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