Seeing the first week sales of BLACKPINK and NCT 127, the era of female idols selling as much as male idols has come

NCT 127 and BLACKPINK’s album sales in the first week

They sold 1,547,5xx copies, ranking 7th in first week sales of all time

They sold 1,542,9xx copies, ranking 8th in first week sales of all time

1. BLACKPINK is amazing, they’re a girl group

2. No, they sold 1.5 million copies but they ranked 7th and 8th, so who ranked above them? Are they all BTS albums?

3. Why is Doyoung not there?

4. A girl group that sold 1.5 million copies in the first week.. Really amazing

5. Wow, both are amazingㅋㅋ

6. What’s even more surprising is that there’s even a picture of them together after receiving the Rookie of the Year award

7. Both are doing so well

8. BLACKPINK is crazy

9. I’m glad that the era of female idols selling as much as male idols has come

10. Daebak, BLACKPINK is a girl group, but they’re amazing

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NcT flop in every category bp outsells them

But I wasn’t done

Bp flopping with desperation in the states. It’s embarrassing tbh


Your faves btshit want to flop like them then. Yet to cum flop


do you just comment under every blackpink related post to hate on them LMFAO you’re so jobless

WhatsThe Point

Did yall see? Influencers are getting paid by YG to tweet about Bp album. To get people to buy their album in us.
Like no kpop group has been this desperate for that #1, not even LSM


That influencers = no one. Stop projecting armshit


you just made that up

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