Seriously, no one can beat the university festival Jennie

It was Jennie’s legendary days. She’s still pretty now but back then, she really looked like she was the prettiest in the world

1. It was Jennie’s legendary days

2. I really liked Jennie’s style at that time

3. For real, Jennie’s pictures at the university festival are always so pretty

4. Jennie is seriously pretty, why is her style so perfect?

5. All those pictures are legendary…

6. It’s fun to watch Jennie’s fancams at the university festival ㅠㅠ

7. Her hairstyles, outfits, makeup were really crazy

8. BLACKPINK also went to the university festival?

9. I saw BLACKPINK at the university festival and they are legends!!!!

10. Jennie is the prettiest….

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