SES Bada speaks out about NewJeans amid HYBE and ADOR feud

SES Bada’s Instagram story (feat. NewJeans)

“Even preparing for an album alone is difficult; how difficult must it have been for these young friends to prepare while being brought up in a complicated adult business… Our idol juniors… Everyone will go through many hard times, but these beautiful moments will never come again. I pray that you overcome, grow, and be happy as yourself. All the K-Pop idol juniors are amazing, and I support you”

1. Bada always cares a lot about her junior idols, I’m so touched

2. Wow, she is a warm and kind person ㅠㅠ

3. Because HYBE is a big company they can’t talk about this, but I think there are a lot of people in the industry who support NewJeans

4. When I look at NewJeans, they remind me of SES

5. I support NewJeans ㅠ How did they prepare for a comeback in this situation?

6. I hope that NewJeans is happy

7. As a senior singer and first generation female idol, it’s great that she supports NewJeans

8. How sweet. I’m tearing up thinking about how big the issue is for such young kids.. And the fact that we don’t know what will come in the future

9. This is what a real adult looks like

10. Let’s make NewJeans a big hit!

11. I hope they overcome this and are greeted with better times

12. Seriously, what will happen to them?

13. Can’t believe all this happened because NewJeans’ was successful. They are still rookies and so young

14. I agree with what she said because she is also a legend

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