Seunghan’s trending hashtags from RIIZE’s domestic and international fandoms

Seunghan’s trending hashtags from RIIZE’s fandom

Domestic vs International

Hong Seunghan, the eyesore member, withdraw

1. It’s SM, I don’t think they’ll let him leave the group

2. I feel so sorry for the other members of this group

3. Honestly, the group is fine without him

4. I used to like RIIZE, but when I saw his pictures at the hotel, I woke up and now I don’t listen to their songs anymore.. I deleted them all from my playlist

5. If he thinks about the other members, please leave the group

6. Because of him, I don’t even want to listen to their songs

7. Sohee and this guy are barriers

8. If he thinks about the group, he should leave the group

9. Honestly, if you’re a fan of the other members, I think you’ll hate it

10. It’s hard to go to sleep worrying about what will happen tomorrow

11. Wow, fans of that group must be so disappointed with that member

12. I feel sorry for the domestic fans

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