Seventeen members quell the controversy about whether Seventeen or BTS built the HYBE headquarters

This week ‘Hangout with Yoo’ goes to the HYBE cafeteria (feat. BooSeokSoon)

“BTS hyungs built this headquarters”

HYBE headquarters was built by BTS

1. Only Seventeen was criticized without reason;

2. I’ve been hearing about HYBE for over a week

3. Those who cursed at Seventeen, please reflect on yourself

4. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone curse at Seventeen… but everyone curses at the production team

5. Anyway, the people who cursed at Seventeen were definitely the same people who cursed at Bangtan…

6. Why is SEVENTEEN criticized? I feel sorry for them. I hope their comeback will be successful

7. Hoshi always says this… last time he appeared on SUGA’s YouTube channel, he said it was all thanks to BTS that they were able to enter the US and everything, BTS paved the way, so I was surprised when they were criticized… ;;

8. Those who cursed at Seventeen, please apologize by streaming their new song

9. People who cursed back then won’t even watch this

10. The word ‘distortion of history’ instead of ‘distortion of truth’ makes me laugh

11. The members said that, but why did the production team use subtitles like that?

12. Bangtan’s fandom always bashes other singers for no reason, even in posts like this, they still make comments denying that they never did anything like that

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