Seventeen’s Jeonghan shocked netizens at the airport today

Journalist pictures of Seventeen Jeonghan who is going to Paris today

He was invited to Paris Fashion Week

1. Jeonghan is so handsome

2. Long hair suits him so well

3. I think he has light makeup on, but he looks so handsome

4. Wow he’s seriously so handsome

5. Wow, what does it feel like to live with that face?

6. It’s amazing that that hair suits him, he’s so handsome

7. He looks good with long hair

8. Jeonghan is a prince

9. He suits Saint Laurent so well

10. I’m not a fan, but every time I saw him, I thought he was handsome, but now he looks like an actor

11. He really suits long hair ㅜㅜ

12. He’s perfect for Saint Laurent, seriously, he’s so handsome

13. He’s the most handsome Jeonghan I’ve ever seen

14. I bet he’s the male idol who looks best with long hair

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