SEVENTEEN’s live encore stage fancam on M Countdown

1. Wow, they’re all good

2. It’s sad that they only promoted for a week on stage

3. Seventeen, congratulations on getting 1st place

4. Woozi is amazing every time I hear him sing live

5. Dokyeom’s voice is so good

6. They’re all good, but Woozi and S.Coups seem really good

7. Wow, Dokyeom is so good

8. Seventeen is doing so well

9. I want to see more of Super’s stage……

10. Joshua’s voice is so good

11. Hoshi sings live so well

12. Woozi chewed on the CD

13. S.Coups sings so well that I keep watching it over and over

14. As expected from Seventeen

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John Xina

Jimin could neva


jimin more irrelevant than those frauds iktr 🤌🏻

John Xina

More irrelevant? YES 🤣 Irrelevant and can’t sing


my typo won’t change the fact that jimin is outdoing those fads you stan, exactly why yall can’t seem to get his dick out of your mouths 🤗

Support trans Lisa

No one cares.

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