Shaved picture of BTS J-Hope who will enlist in the army today

Shaved picture of BTS J-Hope who enlists tomorrow (Insta + Weverse)

“I’ll serve and come back healthy!!”

1. He’s still handsome even if he shaves his head, I’m sure he’ll do well in the army

2. Hobi, take care of yourself and go well. I’ll wait for you!!!

3. Our Hobi, please stay healthy and do well ㅠㅠ

4. ?? Why does he look so good?? He looks so handsome that I’m shocked

5. Even though our Hobi shaved his head, he’s so cute and pretty

6. I’m not an ARMY, but I support you, don’t get injured and do well!! You are handsome

7. Hobi, please stay healthy and I will wait for you

8. I really like him every time I see him, he looks so cool with that hair

9. Wow he looks exactly like his sister

10. Hoseok-ah, don’t be sick, you’re doing so well

11. Hobi, don’t get sick and have a good life in the army!!!

12. His hair suits him so well

13. Don’t get sick and be healthy

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aww hoseok, please be healthy and stay safe !!! can’t wait for next year


He really looks good with this hair


Why does the “You Are My Sunshine” fit this situation too well?? It feels like it’s happening too fast. Still, we’ll miss him and I hope the best for him.

By the by, short hair on Hobi is a good look. Reminds me of how iconic that short hair platinum blond style he wore is.


I didn’t expect it but he looks really good with buzzcut , I want to see him in military costume NOW


Take care of yourself, we will be waiting for you, our sunshine.


Is slutnie


Is what Lisa hears when she goes into the YG basement for her scheduled gang bang


Korea doesn’t deserve your dedication Hobi but do well

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