Shim Hyung Tak’s wife looks like BTS Jungkook, Kep1er Mashiro, Yeseo, IZ*ONE Nako, Morning Musume Konno Asami

1. She’s so cute and she looks like Jungkook when he just debuted

2. I can only see Jungkookㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. The only person that I can see is Jungkook, it looks like Jungkook is wearing a wig

4. She really looks like Jungkook with long hair ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. She looks like Jungkook wearing a wig

6. Jungkook, why are you here???

7. I see Jungkook and Mashiro

8. Seriously, now I can only see Jungkook, they really look alike

9. I can only see Jungkook ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. She really looks like Jungkook when he just debuted

11. She looks like Konno Asami

12. No, it’s Jungkook with long hair

13. When I watched her on TV, I told my mom that she looks like Jungkook

14. I can also see Jang Nara

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I see a little bit Jang Nara to her


Seek help


It just shows how pathetic you are when you criticize BTS for their gender. This is funny actually. I’m sure for you gender is just a sexual thing. But we normal people love bts because he is human. obsessed b*tch

Jimin faq Jungkook in the a$$ 🍑

I’m jungkook bais…wut r u saying??


Oh, you are jk BAIS. I got it. That’s why you hate bts and jungkook. Don’t pretend you love one of the members just to spread hate to bts. Assholes like you think they’re clever. But you are NOT, sorry.


People say Jimin and V is a human. THEY ARE JUST HUMAN. b*tch. Did you really write “alpha”? Are you a werewolf? Or an animal? I think you should get out of your fantasy world as soon as possible.It’s torture to breathe the same air as people like you. Just f*ck off.

Jimin faq Jungkook in the a$$ 🍑

No jimin and v are alfa daddiees of our tiny small adorable omega jungkook

Jimin got yes jams

Bro go back to wattpad or whatever 😒

Miss mochi

Am I the only one who doesn’t see it? Maybe when kookie was very young. But current? Nope

Last edited 4 months ago by Miss mochi

everybody really sees just debut jungkook in her really


Wow. Gender. Did you really think of this to criticize jungkook? No one has ever written anything like this except b*tches like you. But do you know? LIFE GOES ON. When BTS wins, you always lose.




Who is happy! You’re the one dragging Jungkook and the other members in terms of gender. F*ck off.


How am I dragging?? You guys really want a grown man to be a woman so bad. I just pointed it out. Lmao. Hope he doesn’t see how weird his fans are


She looks like baby Jungkook .

Color color stan

If Jungkook was a woman he’d be 100x prettier than your dozen seoul cycle favs 😜 and also your girlies will not have “first female act” achievements, what will your fanbases tweet lol 😂 be thankful bts are men 😂


Given that army’s think he looks exactly like this below avg women, I don’t think he would be “100× prettier” But since you guys get turned on by thinking jungloo looks like a women and gets fkd by Jimin, then be my guest

Color color stan

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA you pathetic loser, how many accounts did you make to pretend to be different people 😂😂😂 you just say the same things jesus christ you’re such a jobless keyboard warrior shit 😂😂😂


Ok “ladyboy lisa” not everyone is jobless like you. And I don’t have 100s of emails to create different accounts on pann

Color color stan

Oh i wish i was ladyboy lisa, their comments are the best 😆 truth gospel really

Color color stan

Dumbass bitch can’t even spell fuck lol. go back to your mom, oh wait, you were abandoned as a child sorry 😂

Color color stan

lol imagine typing like a 14-year-old jobless cunt

Jimin got yes jams

Please I already saw someone use her as Jungkookie for a ship 😭😭😭😭 like in those collage/moodboard thingy for an au story 😭😭😭😭

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