[Shocking] BTS fans wrote a statement in the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper

BTS fans wrote a statement in the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper


In the midst of internal conflicts related to management issues in HYBE, and BTS, who have nothing to do with the current situation, are suffering great damage from false news and rumors. We condemn HYBE, as a management company, demanding the following to be done immediately:

HYBE President Bang Si Hyuk and CEO Park Ji Won should stop ‘media play’ using BTS as a shield against the company’s negative internal and external issues

HYBE’s Big Hit Music must accept responsibility for handling the indiscriminate attacks and slander against BTS. We specifically request clear publication of legal measures and implementation progress.


A company that doesn’t protect its artists has no reason to exist. Although protecting artists is the most basic duty of a company, BTS’s management company did not fulfill this duty honestly.

We understand that failure to fulfill a company’s obligations can often be a factor in termination. Demand that this company fulfill its obligations immediately!

We would like to announce that we have decided to make a statement advertisement like this to gather each and every fan who loves BTS and express our stance.

May 3, 2024.
BTS fan community, ARMY.”

JoongAng Ilbo today

1. Even drawing the line won’t change the fact that BTS is the beneficiary of sajaegi, so how can they convince non-fans?

2. Are they talking about false news and rumors? What about what is written in the verdict??

3. I support them against HYBE, but those are not rumors

4. If the verdict is correct, how can they draw the line? It’s just that BTS benefits

5. If sajaegi is true, then the beneficiary is BTS, so why apologize to BTS…?

6. It’s not a rumor, it’s the truth

7. Don’t they know what the verdict is? The verdict has been given. I don’t understand why they call it fake news

8. Fans, let’s talk about the verdict, don’t ignore it

9. Aren’t the victims Min Heejin and NewJeans? What is so unfair about them?

10. What are the rumors and false news that fans are talking about there?

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