‘Shocking’ NewJeans’ album sales plummeted, consequences of the internal scandal between HYBE and Min Heejin?

‘Shocking’ NewJeans’ album sales plummeted… Consequences of the internal scandal between HYBE and Min Heejin?

According to what Edaily confirmed with Hanteo Chart on the 4th, the first week sales of single ‘How Sweet’ released by NewJeans on the 24th of last month were 884,717 copies. This is a decrease of about 46.3% compared to the first week sales of 1,650,181 copies of the mini album ‘Get Up’ released in July last year

1. Album sales have been freakishly high in recent years and are now normalizing

2. How many singles do you have to sell to be considered good??

3. 880,000 copies sold even without promotion? Daebak

4. The previous album was a mini album and this time it’s a single…

5. Nowadays, K-pop album sales are decreasing and NewJeans is even just a single

6. It’s a single but 880,000 copies is amazing

7. An album consisting of two songs? It was sold a lot

8. I like this song so I still listen to it these days

9. How can you compare a mini album and a single?

10. This is normal, album sales are decreasing these days

11. It looks like it was written by a reporter who doesn’t even know the difference between singles, mini albums, and full albums

12. Isn’t the number of songs in the albums different..?

13. There are two songs but they sell well, right?

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