‘Shoong!’ by BIGBANG’s Taeyang and BLACKPINK’s Lisa Fails to Debut on Top Music Streaming Charts


BIGBANG’s Taeyang and BLACKPINK’s Lisa have teamed up for their latest track, “Shoong!”

The collaboration song was expected to smash records because Taeyang is a member of BigBang, called by their fans the “Kings of Kpop,” while Lisa is called by her fans as the “biggest soloist in K-pop.”

However, the results did not live up to the hype.

On K-charts, “Shoong!” failed to enter MelOn chart, Korea’s largest streaming platform. It only debuted on Bugs and Genie and left both charts in the next hour.

This is a huge contrast to Taeyang’s recent collaboration with BTS’s Jimin 3 months earlier, which debuted at #10 on the MelOn chart.

“But Lisa is Thai, so we don’t care about K-charts,” cried Lisa’s fans to justify her poor results on K-charts.

But “Shoong!” also failed to enter the Spotify Global chart on its first day. The song is currently out of all charts.

It seems having fans who are loud on Twitter doesn’t correlate to real-world success.

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‘Koreans don’t like her’ , I guess the world doesn’t either 😭

Teenaged puppy

You can do better than this

It's whatever

You’re so pitiful
it’s not about gender but how awful the song is and your fav has no impact and her voice is atrocious, deal with it 🙂


So you expected that jungkook and v fans stream lisa’s music not to mention Taeyang because that men is ended and aren’t lisa one of the most followed kpop idol in social media? Why couldn’t they stream her music?

Last edited 7 months ago by Lila

Not even 1M 💀 and they were dragging Joon collabing with small indie artists with barely a million followers or subscribers


This is what they pull without Jeremy’s help


Armys should focus on suga, not lisa.


“Mainstream popularity” yet no streams no sales to back it all up

Teenaged puppy

Is this popularity on the charts??


army are good at multitasking. we got content weekly. thank you


But you all allways say she has world impact and everyone is talking about her 🥺


Honey Lisa actually does have a lot of impact, First Lisa is more popular internationally, Taeyang is not really popular and a third quarter of these comments are just hate comments from people who haven’t heard this song. I don’t know why whenever it involves Lisa yall armies always bring up bts. When Jimin and Taeyang had a collab blinks didn’t do what yall are doing, I am embarrassed to call my self a army because of yall brainless so called “armies” bringing down other Fandoms and groups just to uplift bts that is on hiatus, and once a idol dies from depression because of the hate comments yall put out for the world to see, yall will say “I send my deepest condolences”. This song is not for haters some of us actually enjoy this song.

spicy spice

even both of her solo songs are tanked so hard in domestic charts. eventho she got massive mediaplays abt her solo.

but her SEA fans would ate it. their youtube stream farms are crazy af.

Support trans Lisa

Being honest, even I admit her songs were not good. I’m just glad there were catchy parts that are perfect for TikTok. And thanks SEA.


Lets be honest her songs are mid


Meanwhile, in the real world, Army constantly complain about conspiracies where Youtube “hates” BTS because they constantly delete views from BTS videos.

The stream bots are entirely on the part of BTS.

This is the same reason why Billboard changed their rules to prevent Army from bulk-buying to artificially get BTS high on the charts.

(and Army are still complaining on Twitter that there is a Billboard conspiracy against BTS…)

Last edited 7 months ago by Larry

keep crying 🖕

It's whatever

True, she was SO lucky her song went viral on TikTok, otherwise it would flop all over.
Can’t believe people actually thinks mediaplay is actually true about her 😭


It went viral thanks to Squid Game.before Squid Game, her stans focus more on the tt.Even I told my cousin,Money sounds more decent than Lalisa.she got the timing luck ig

dot com bubble

The song is tanking everywhere except maybe YouTube but oh well, that’s all the achievement they always get anyways, thanks to the stream farms ofc.


Its a bside dmbfck, worry about suga title track not charting anywhere plus him lying saying his collab charting on hot 100 lmfaoo


It’s not a b-side. Vibe is a pre-release track and Shoong is the main track . Just like BP released Pink Venom as a pre-release track then few weeks later they released Shut Down which is the title track for their Born Pink album.


a much needed reality check for their fandom who is always loud when it comes to other artists and their achievements.. this is the numbers your girls, the “biggest kpop group” according to blinks, pull without deals and push from the company btw ♡


I always think its funny when they claim this group can always be this big & popular even if they debuted under different agencies.

Support trans Lisa

Why am I getting downvoted so much?

It's whatever

Just for the clips on Twitter it’s notorious the song is awful 😭 should’ve go with another or without rapper


This song is not to your liking, and maybe you just saw clips and assumed this song is terrible, some of us actually like it


Lisa’s fans need to be humbled bec they’re the most toxic on Twitter. Too busy with fanwars instead of focusing on their fave.

Last edited 7 months ago by Milla13
Support trans Lisa

This is why I rarely admit that I’m a Lisa fan. I’m one of the few good ones. The vast majority of the fandom is total trash, seriously. So many horrible people. You would be sick if you saw the private group chats.

Ladyboy lisa



flop 😂😂😂😂

Teenaged puppy

It couldn’t have happened to trashier fandoms. Deserved. Let’s flop again next comeback 🥲

Ladyboy lisa



I did but is really boring you should apologize and thank the stream


I listened to this on Jaeguchi’s channel and the song is just bad. Plain and simple. It doesn’t even deserve to be in any charts.


It’s bcs Lisa is not Korean,she’s Thailand her stans said.so, how well the song do in Thailand chart?


Right behind Haegeum 😂


Naysayers like these always going to exist… Lisa comeback stronger

Last edited 7 months ago by RaRa

The song sucks so it’s not that surprising.
Vibe was 2 years old sounding 5 years old but at least it was still enjoyable, this one is just super boring.


“check the charts in thailand” haegeum is #1 in spotify thailand😭😭😭

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