‘Shoong!’ by BIGBANG’s Taeyang and BLACKPINK’s Lisa Fails to Debut on Top Music Streaming Charts


BIGBANG’s Taeyang and BLACKPINK’s Lisa have teamed up for their latest track, “Shoong!”

The collaboration song was expected to smash records because Taeyang is a member of BigBang, called by their fans the “Kings of Kpop,” while Lisa is called by her fans as the “biggest soloist in K-pop.”

However, the results did not live up to the hype.

On K-charts, “Shoong!” failed to enter MelOn chart, Korea’s largest streaming platform. It only debuted on Bugs and Genie and left both charts in the next hour.

This is a huge contrast to Taeyang’s recent collaboration with BTS’s Jimin 3 months earlier, which debuted at #10 on the MelOn chart.

“But Lisa is Thai, so we don’t care about K-charts,” cried Lisa’s fans to justify her poor results on K-charts.

But “Shoong!” also failed to enter the Spotify Global chart on its first day. The song is currently out of all charts.

It seems having fans who are loud on Twitter doesn’t correlate to real-world success.