Skinny-shaming becoming normal?

When an idol gains weight: Oh healthy, great, inspiring, etc., etc. When an idol loses weight: it’s bad, they are being forced, you shouldn’t have hated on them, blah, blah, blah.

It is not about losing weight but more like skinny-shaming. A person can gain weight more than their natural body shape and they will be praised. But if a person loses weight, there are concerns and all. Why? Obesity is also a thing. Gaining weight is not as good as people make it to be. If someone is naturally skinny, let them be.

People should be encouraged to embrace themselves, rather than making one thing (gaining weight) seem right and other (losing weight) as bad.

It’s like people thought that some are forced to lose weight and it’s been going on for ages so they are trying reverse psychology, making it seem as if gaining more weight than natural is normal, but it’s not.

Being obese or underweight is both bad. Only you know your body best. What’s natural and acceptable for you is different than what it is for others. Let’s not judge each other so there will be no need for concern as well. Let’s live in peace

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