Skinny-shaming becoming normal?

When an idol gains weight: Oh healthy, great, inspiring, etc., etc. When an idol loses weight: it’s bad, they are being forced, you shouldn’t have hated on them, blah, blah, blah.

It is not about losing weight but more like skinny-shaming. A person can gain weight more than their natural body shape and they will be praised. But if a person loses weight, there are concerns and all. Why? Obesity is also a thing. Gaining weight is not as good as people make it to be. If someone is naturally skinny, let them be.

People should be encouraged to embrace themselves, rather than making one thing (gaining weight) seem right and other (losing weight) as bad.

It’s like people thought that some are forced to lose weight and it’s been going on for ages so they are trying reverse psychology, making it seem as if gaining more weight than natural is normal, but it’s not.

Being obese or underweight is both bad. Only you know your body best. What’s natural and acceptable for you is different than what it is for others. Let’s not judge each other so there will be no need for concern as well. Let’s live in peace

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Seungri Oppa ❤️

If you at Seungri Oppa ❤️ level, you won’t get any of skinny or fat shaming. He’s god.


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Every day a new ….shaming is emerging. In fact, perceptions change, I’m sure everyone has said something like this at one time or another.

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1.) This is not news. Please stop using these sites as if they are forums. They’re not.
2.) Idols in the Korean pop industry are already prone to have to lose incredible amounts of weight when a lot of them are not even obese in the first place. There are categories to obesity. Overweight is not the same as obese. People penalize idols for looking a NORMAL weight on cameras (when the camera adds multiple kg in comparison to in person).
3.) Korean and international fans alike CRUCIFY idols who look obese.

Concern does not mean skinny shaming. Its well known idols are malnourished. So when people are concerned, many do it out of worry. Not to skinny shame them. Saying triggering things like “Eat a burger. Does he/she have anorexia?” Making “skin and bone” jokes? THAT’S skinny shaming.


K-pop stans call someone skeleton for being “skinny” even when it is their actual body type. If you see predebut pics of some the idols who these fans are ‘concerned’ about, you would see that their weight was normal and the same before and after training. That is the point the OP is making I believe.


Except that’s not the case a lot of the time. Even before debut, when they become a trainee, a lot of idols are literally forced to lose weight. People will say they are “naturally skinny,” but it’s very clear in order to debut, you have to maintain a certain weight that a lot of the time is not healthy.

If they’re naturally skinny, like SNSD’s Young, we can tell as opposed to idols like IVE’s Won Young, who only now is just getting to a healthier weight.

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Like Crazy

The only shaming that should be normalized is Jenhag shaming


Offcourse you are an ARMY. It was good when jimin was getting shamed.




U r mentally ill to accuse someone of crime such as p*do .seek medical help. Maybe ur a pedo


Is this a personal blog or a translation site


A fan discussion site I guess…Many people can put their views anonymously


honestly, skinny/fat shaming both exist simultaneously so there’s no point saying “it’s becoming normal” when it already occurs a lot

especially among knetz (ifans too) people are never satisfied so it’s all just an endless cycle


The thing is— the fatshaming is an extra layer of unreasonable because the ones targeted are like 90% quite skinny irl, and mostly only female idols.
The ones targeted for skinny comments are visibly underweight even amongst the other barely 100lb girls / 130lb boys


The point is what if they are actually born skinny? Reminds me of BP’s Pretty Savage lyrics. Two of their members are targeted on a daily basis and called skeleton or whatever because of their normal weight. See their pre-debut photos, you would see. Anyways, a person knows their body best. If they are skinny, normal, fat, it shouldn’t be our concern. These idols are grown and if they are being forced to eat a certain way, they should just leave the industry and try pursuing the idol career in a healthier way.


It was not normal but BTS fans made it normal afterall they fatherless


Skinny shaming has always existed; it’s just more normalized, so people think it’s okay. But if you wouldn’t want to shame someone for being fat, why are you shaming them for being skinny? Aren’t you just perpetuating the problem? That is why I stopped taking the whole “body positivity” movement seriously, as many of it started to come off as bigger-sized people using it as an opportunity to take their insecurities out on thinner women. “Omg, where are her ribs? She looks anorexic! Has no ass! Needs to eat a burger!” etc. You see this a lot with idols too. And, granted, some people may be making these comments out of concern, but a lot of it is just people spewing hateful comments about idols accusing them of ED or saying how hideous they look.


I know!! I am surprised most people don’t get the point of the author. They have normalized a certain body type for people. What will a person do if they are born like that? And yes, many (not all) plus size people have taken unfair advantage of this movement, instead of embracing themselves they are putting down those who are thinner. Why not accept their natural selves?


As someone who has always been skinny. Skinny shaming has always existed just like how fat shaming existed. But people were always so sympathetic to fat shaming more than they were to skinny shaming. My two friends were kind of fat one was normal meanwhile I was skinny. And the people were always so cautious to say anything to my fat friends but were always so blatant towards me. Like omg you’re tummy is very flat or bones seems to be sticking out and you look like a stick and things like this. I remember one time in a classroom a fat girl was taunting me for being like a stick so I just retorted at her by saying if I am stick then you’re a pig. And the classroom has gone like 360 degrees on me. All of them supported and started being sympathetic towards her while calling me tactless and all. I was hurt like very very hurt. Because she was acting like I called her entire generation a pig by just calling her one time! And here me who is always casually being compared to a stick or pole is just nothing. Yes I still support fat people who spreads body positivity and all but on a healthy level. You can’t call yourself a body positive person when you are showing harmful articulation of what it should really mean and it goes towards skinny people too. We skinny people eat loads of calories even if our bodies don’t support it just to gain that healthy weight and once we gain it these body positivity biches once again shame us by saying we are not body postive person because we are not big enough. I am sorry I am harsh with this. But this is just my pov. Either change yourself or don’t idc. Just don’t other berate people if you don’t want to be berated in exchange.
I have also seen loads of double standards over here. We all know Twice Jeongyeon gained weight cause of her medicine. And people were divided obviously. Ones were praising her and other were berating her as usual. Jeongyeon started doing more exercise and sports and lost some weight and suddenly people were saying oh she looked more cute before or the idol scenery has must pushed her to do this and all. They didn’t consider the fact that she was more happy than before and was more energetic and joyful. Maybe she wanted to be more fit and decided to opt what was good for her and her body. We all know k-pop ideals only influence idols on becoming super skinny with 44-46kg weight on average. But it was appalling how wonyoung and Sana are recieving criticism for becoming skinny and no support at all. Wonyoung has recovered and now gaining weight. Sana obviously lost weight dur to ongoing tour but we will never see hit tweets of calling their haters out for skinny shaming them do we? And this is just plain double standards. Skinny shaming is so normalised that even I don’t care about it anymore.

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