SM announces that they will debut 4 groups in 2023

SM announced plans for 2023, and among them, 4 teams will be debuting this year

In Q2, a new girl group (in charge of Lee Sungsoo) and virtual solo female singer Naevis (in charge of Park Joonyoung) will debut

Boy group NCT Tokyo to debut in Q3 (Tak Youngjoon)

Rookie boy group to debut in Q4 (Tak Youngjoon)

1. Are they debuting a new girl group? So what about Aespa’s activities?

2. I’m curious about rookie male idols

3. Hul, will they debut another boy group besides NCT?

4. Aespa still seems like a rookie group to me, but I can’t believe it’s their 4th year

5. If they keep doing this, I think Aespa will fall and NCT will fall too

6. Please take good care of Aespa..

7. Aespa also just debuted, but they said that they will create a new girl group?

8. I’m looking forward to Naevis the most, am I weird?

9. Who planned Aespa? Will they neglect Aespa?

10. Rookie girl group???? What about Aespa?

11. Isn’t it too much for Aespa?

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