SM artists disappeared from 2022 MAMA and it will be JYP’s party this year

The lineup of 2022 MAMA is creating buzzㄷㄷㄷ

Day 1

Day 2

YG 1
Starship 1
SM 0

Finally JYP’s party has startedㅋㅋㅋ

[+38, -38]

1. [+95, -33] Even without the idols from that agency, the lineup is plentiful

2. [+82, -2] HYBE and JYP both have 4 groups, but why are you saying it’s JYP’s party?

3. [+68, -29] Are there any groups from JYP that did well this year? I don’t think I’ve seen anyone other than Nayeon’s solo

4. [+60, -4] What is JYP’s party?ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+48, -14] Looks like Nayeon was confirmed to win the Female Singer award

6. [+38, -26] Stray Kids will get Daesang

7. [+7, -14] It’s the worst ever

8. [+7, -9] It would be perfect if the Daesang winners were BTS, IVE, and (G)I-DLE

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“hybe has 4 groups too but why are you saying its a jyp party?”

because lets be real fam there is NO such thing as a “hybe family” they all came from different labels, the most is jin calling it a BIGHIT family, not hybe, bc again, different labels


I kind of get why people assume that though. They have joint concerts and they even did a joint variety show that emphasized HYBE as a family. Literally every caption on the show was like “HYBE this HYBE that etc…”.

Last edited 10 months ago by Binnie417

ok and?

jype’s last “family” concert was in 2016 and there’s no “jype variety show”. stray kids and itzy are both active 4th gen groups, niziu’s managed by sony music in japan and twice isn’t even attending despite having higher sales itzy and nayeon being the best-selling female solo artist in 2022 and achieving the highest digital numbers out of all jype artists

stop acting like jype’s anything like sm when even hybe has had joint concerts and a variety show lol

Last edited 10 months ago by Guest

Jyp has sent their idols to mama even when they win one award like top 10. Skz Itzy attended like that. It’s not like they gonna get the freaking big award just for attending. So stop making stpd assumptions. Wouldn’t meet give big award to Kep1er or someone from under their wing before giving to a jyp artist. Jyp artist mostly attend Mama to give spectacular performance. Cause if ppl have forgotten they debuted two new grps so obviously even if they both win something or not a promo is needed for them. Itzy is going to showcase their new cb stage on the mama award show. Skz had pretty good cbs. And mama focuses more on internationally. Twice ain’t even attending. There is no confirmation of Nayeon is even gonna attend. Niziu is a Japanese pop group. And they are pretty successful in Japan and this award show is taking place is Japan.


sm saving their money for the Seoul music award so they can buy another daesang there


It doesn’t matter if the other groups go or not, Bangtan didn’t go last year and swept the awards.



all these award shows are rigged and the lineups suck. too many big and fragile egos. award season’s become so meaningless and frustrating because every company has either beef with a tv channel or a music service… be fucking for real or get rid of them all and stop wasting everyone’s time

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