SM changes Aespa’s choreography team? Their choreography is so weird

SM changes Aespa’s choreography team

They went to the US and did the ‘Chika’ dance…. If you watch the video, it’s even funnier, they’re just hanging there and bouncing, it’s so weird….

[+438, -47]

1. [+124, -5] But which member does the right move? They all look different

2. [+76, -4] Their bouncing was f*cking funny

3. [+49, -32] No, only NingNing, why did you raise your left arm lower than your right arm? The other members seem to do the right move, except her

4. [+37, -1] We need to change from Yoo Young Jin

5. [+25, -34] It’s still better than the US hammer dance

6. [+17, -0] ㅋㅋㅋ

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Everytime i see an aespa post, there are some bad comments towards ningning, just say that you hate her because she’s chinese 🥴


Don’t worry, I always go look at the original post and that’s probably the only negative comment on there and it’s likely coming from a xenophobe who doesn’t care for anything but hate. The translators choose to translate the one negative comment.
There’s always at least one comment about Karina being plasticy or bug faced, Winter having no stage presence or being an animal abuser, and Giselle being ugly or untalented, and I am glad those mostly don’t get translated either, but why is it that always the one negative comment towards double Ning gets translated? Smells like xenophobia.

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