SM criticized for omitting member photo in NCT 127’s album

Crazy, SM omitted member photo from NCT 127’s album

It’s not a misspelling or a name omission, it’s that they omitted a member

1. ?? Is this possible??? It is silly. Who checked it last? You should be responsible

2. But no one knows this until it is released????????????

3. What? So a member is missing from that group photo? I’m not sure I understood it correctly. I have read it several times

4. I’ve seen typos, but this is the first time I’ve seen something like this

5. What should they do if they can’t even do the basics… Not even once or twice

6. His fans will be so upset

7. Wow daebak… How could you make such a mistake?

8. Seriously, I’m not surprised anymore

9. Doyoung works the hardest to promote NCT 127, but the company is throwing stones at him

10. It’s not a small mistake but a big accident

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