SM denies rumors that EXO’s Suho didn’t return 300 pairs of shoes borrowed from a stylist

EXO Suho “He borrowed shoes for over 100 million won and didn’t return them? Baseless”

1. I feel bad for Suho

2. As expected, if you’re not sure about something like this, it’s best to keep quiet

3. Please sue all the weird kids

4. So is that stylist lying? Or is it another male idol?

5. Didn’t that stylist not mention Suho? SM will sue malicious commenters?

6. I hope this time SM will sue all the malicious commenters

7. So that stylist is lying??

8. So who is that stylist talking about?

9. But seriously, it’s ridiculous, but did you believe this?

10. Wow, so who is that celebrity?? I’m more curious

11. But that stylist never mentioned Suho’s name

12. SM is suing that stylist too??

13. Suho and the fans had a hard time

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How people even say which celebrity may be? Do they look at every idol that wore shows like that or what? Because it does not make sense how he got into this rumor, its literally based on nothing


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How did people think it’s Suho in the first place is what gets me going like thousand of idols out there, why did they zero in on him?


the stylist was known for working with him and posted a caption like “500 pairs of shoes collection” (i think he said this at a variety show).

when that phrase was searched by knetz, suho was the first result.

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Ohhhhhhhhh, damn Suho 😂😂😂


As expected from an exo member

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