SM Entertainment sends flowers to Kim Jaejoong’s new company opening ceremony

1. What???

2. Wow, I can’t believe I can see something like this in my life

3. I was surprised

4. Wow, after all these years, things like this are possible

5. Didn’t he go to Taeyeon’s concert?

6. Isn’t it just because Lee Soo Man left SM? Even if his partner is from SM, I don’t think SM would have sent flowers if Lee Soo Man was still thereㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. The person he works with is from SM?

8. Because Lee Soo Man left SM

9. If the co-CEO is from SM, I can understand… SM sent it to the co-CEO rather than to Kim Jaejoong

10. Wow, this is crazy

11. I can’t believe it.. What is SM trying to do?

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He’s literally a saint for not setting the flowers on fire right then and there


Duo stans and SM stans pink bloods gonna go nuts lmao


Lee sooman left sm that’s why cbx can file the lawsuit with sm without worrying about banned by sm


This has been something that’s been building for years, starting with Lee Sooman. Did you forget three other EXO members already sued and left years ago? EXO members have been expressing their distaste for years with the company management, it just so happens that they’ve finally reached their breaking point. Filing a lawsuit because Lee Sooman left makes no sense because he was the main part or their problems and part of the reason they weren’t getting paid because Lee Sooman has been stealing from the company for decades.


lol is sm trying to fix their image

spicy spice

suddenly? after blocking his career for years?

Complicated Princess

SM should Just gave away the right to DBSK name to jaejoong & his company & after that jaejoong should reform back DBSK with All Five members


Yes pls, along with junsu’s agency they could manage TVXQ so much better
Can’t believe Changmin said SM has no plans for their 20th anniversary in his last interview with Eric 😭

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