“SM failed” Netizens talk about the most streamed K-pop artists on Spotify in 2022

Top 10 most streamed K-pop artists on Spotify in 2022

4 Stray Kids (JYP)
5 Seventeen (HYBE)
9 Jungkook (HYBE)
10 (G)I-DLE (Cube)

1. BTS and Jungkook are so cool

2. SM failed

3. BTS and Jungkook are amazing. I’m looking forward to Jungkook’s solo

4. I can’t wait for Jungkook’s solo album

5. Wow, Jungkook is the only solo singer

6. I didn’t expect (G)I-DLE to be there, but wow they’re amazing

7. I knew HYBE and BLACKPINK idols would be there, but I was surprised by JYP and I was shocked that SM wasn’t there

8. Wow HYBE and JYP are crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. I was surprised that there was no Aespa and IVE

10. ENHYPEN debuted less than 2 years ago, but they’re daebak

11. I was surprised that there are no SM artists

12. BLACKPINK is so cool

13. Jungkook only has 3 songs

14. I’m not surprised about HYBE, but JYP is doing better than I thought

15. TWICE and ITZY are still popular overseas

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Jungkook has already passed most group rests. You will not only fight BTS but also BTS members.🔥 And our bangtan on the top as always. Some fans wanted their group to get daesang, but they still couldn’t beat BTS even though they’ve had so many comebacks🤷🏻‍♀️


Bangtan in their throne👑


they put it like that to make it seem like they’re all doing well but the gap between the #1 and the rest is enormous lol

Last edited 9 months ago by Colin

I can understand the difference from third one and rest to first one. But doesn’t second ones stans as well as their company always says they have surpassed or are in level of first ones. But wtf happened in here. They are more closer to the third one whom they call nugus at every given point than to the first one who they say to have surpassed this year.
I already forgot whatever song second one even gave this year. Cause it was overhyped but the music was just a downgrade and forgettable.


theyre still all doing well r u dumb


Do they really think twice is not popular overseas. Oh if they think this they are really waiting for a shocker atp. Twice rn has one of the biggest and stablest fandom of gg in kpop. Twice ain’t going nowhere. Even their floppest era have managed to make several new rocords for them. Charting or not charting doesn’t matter if they are selling million albums in just preorder and selling concert halls in minutes.


as usual, koreans overestimate their relevance. most kpop groups and companies stopped catering to them because they understood that there’s much more money to make overseas and foreign fans aren’t as fickle koreans


Wow new news Twice is actually the most streamed girl group in Spotify in usa. They are the most streamed one in Japan as well as in USA. They are the most streamed one in two biggest markets of music. Twice you really are great!!!


They should post the actual numbers and make these people realize the difference and gaps between this list


It’s a shocker between the first and second one. Cause the second one claims that they are the new rulers of k-pop. But the third one is more closer to the second one than the second one to first one.


Also the second one called the third one a group on weki meki level and not on their level. But wtf is this🤣🤣


can you pls share w us the numbers list


And congrats BTS for being in top 5 for spotify’s most streamed artists globally. And topping their list for most streamed grp globally.


So proud of Jungkook, just 3 songs, no solo debut hey but still on Top10, what impressive career

Logic Thinker

SM is just forcing things in the west and no one likes the music SM make… probably only Red Velvet.


exo and red velvet have the potential but sm never push them there 😂

Bring back discuss

That’s why Lee Soo Man is constantly making documentaries about being the father of kpop lmaooo. His groups have no relevancy globally, except for mediaplay about chinese sales, so he has to beg for attention.

Very embarrassing….


but sm has the most songs in top 100 melon yearly chart (thanks to aespa, taeyeon, red velvet) along with hybe (bts, newjeans, lesserafim)

CeCyane '💜Ready for 🏖️ 🏟💜'

spotify is the biggest music streaming platform globally, while youtube music in korea already taking melon place as the no.1 streaming app.
So Hybe groups are global while sm is local


Should be NcT and aespa fail😂 sm only invest the most in them and even paid to buy lots of YouTube views that they don’t do that for other sm groups. And only these two signed with U.S. label too


what do you mean failed???
very funny …
can you explain how the definition of failure in that kpop company??
Is it because it doesn’t get into the top 10 on Spotify SM it fails??? WTF
Spotify is not the only music platform in korea bro!!!
a true failed example,
1. Bvndit from MNH Entertainment who debuted a few years ago but disbanded!!!
and many more bro, just search on Google !!! LOL


Yapss … I agree bro !!!


same bro, they just hate SM , no wonder!!!


I read your article carefully, it helped me a lot, I hope to see more related articles in the future. thanks for sharing.

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