SM idols don’t really seem to be recognized in the West

K-Pop groups that were nominated for the MTV EMA


These are the groups that were nominated for the AMA (Top 3 music awards ceremonies in the US)


The status of K-Pop is growing, popular groups other than BTS are also being nominated for the top award ceremonies in the US

I’m curious why SM idols are not recognized in the West. They seem to have a lot of big fandoms in China

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Some comments on Pann

These days, for the West, it’s hip-hop, but SM doesn’t seem to care because hip-hop isn’t their forte

Whether they’re recognized in the West or not, they’re still doing well, so who cares?

Westerners don’t like the worldviewㅋㅋㅋ

HYBE fans are crazy again

So who are the other idols recognized in the West besides BTS and BLACKPINK?

In terms of individual skills, SM idols are overwhelming, but the songs and lyrics are not good

They are ruined from the moment they begin to have their worldview. SM singers are talented but what a pity

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Lol its not about hip hop….how can u explain TXT popularity over there


Like take twice for example only. Do they seem like a hip hop group to them😭😭😭😭😭


What is worldview ? I don’t get it . It means that words that words that aespa use ? Naevis and ….?


Yeah I guess , the Kwangya universe stuffs




It’s not about hiphops ☠️ twice not even doing hiphop and they’re nominated 😭

I’m not really sure what is wrong with SM , I feel like if they push Red Velvet on the West, they could honestly hit big and be their representative in the west


They are pushing the wrong groups . If they push redvelvet and exo they will hit big

But I wasn’t done…

Exo lacks personality for the west. RV too.


Exo entered us itunes and bb 200 in 2015 only…sm rejected exo’s bbmas invitation too


Exo NEVER got invited for the bbmas. Unless you’re talking about 2019 and 2020. But before that, never

Ffghh velvet entered US spotify in 2017 and the 1st kpop gg to do so…just imagine if SM would’ve promoted them in the US like how yg milked out of bp and jyp from twice….they would’ve been so popular…red velvet has everything


Honestly they could have started with debuting sub units of exo. I mean those members held major popularity during that time. I am a nctzen and looking back I always think sm really pushed NCT too soon to overseas. When they could have given NCT time to expand their fanbase more in Asia before moving onto the western markets. I mean they have a solid fanbase now but I still think they would have more if SM knew how to really manage things properly.


They didn’t push Red Velvet enough to my liking back in 2017/2018. I get they had to push NCT, and Wendy’s accident and Irene’s scandal, but Red Velvet would’ve given SME some interest. Now I fear they missed the time to do so.

And I’m not sure if Aespa’s gonna be enough to garner interest.

Let me be your @lph@

Oh my god knetz. Thank you for telling me Twice was a hip hop group all along. Who did girl crush concepts. I didn’t knew that. TT Cheer Up Fancy Talk that Talk Alcohol Free Cry For Me Feels Feel Special. So many girl crush and hip hop concept songs by them😱. Twice was seriously made for the US audience. Not for asian ones😱😱.
And no one once doubted Twice that if they will even enter the US markets cause they were mAdE for the US markets. 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Thank you for noticing that fact Knetz. You guys always say the most intelligent thing ever possible for k-pop. I don’t get why you guys are hated for it. When they should learn how to see fAcTs.


Exo couldve performed in coachella yearsssss ago 🥲🙃


It’s good they didn’t perform in that racist show


I mean I don’t think being big in the West automatically makes you more successful, it can be a contributing factor but consider how Taeyeon, RV & SNSD charted a lot better in Korea than some of those groups nominated like Twice and seventeen. There’s not a lot of companies that can produce multiple hits from their different artists every year but SM succeeds at that.


Unfortunately, if you look at the top music markets in world, it’s mostly the West.


It’s shitty lyrics/songs and lip syncing. Fix those two and they’ll be bigger in the west. Honestly Red Velvet probably has the highest chance (if they drop more Psycho and less Zimzalabim) but I don’t think SM even considers them for western promos.

Last edited 5 months ago by bender
so what

hmm lots of blackpink’s lyrics are not that great either and sometimes they lipsynced too but they still do well there

but then again YG has always had music that is easy for westerners to like/listen to compared to SM which usually have more complicated sound in some of their songs

so what

I’m actually more surprised that stray kids isn’t nominated here, they’re doing so well this year


should’ve push exo on the west during exodus era and rv during the perfect red velvet era


It’s stupid if SM isn’t famous in the west… SM will always be fine, they will continue to exist, just like when the SM group ruled Korea, and now it’s HYBE, but if BTS BP TWICE has retired or disbanded, can anyone guarantee?? everything has its time… the wheel keeps turning, you’re not always on top, do you think HYBE will continue to dominate?? sorry… no one knows about someone’s future and fate,
Btw… for the AMA nominations, congrats to the winners,


It might be another company but not SM until they don’t let go of LSM and his dumb ideologies.


its okay knetz… it’s just a matter of time, this year may not be SM’s… but SM is still fine btw, their idols are still active on the small screen,


My theory: SM didn’t push other SM groups as hard as NCT (127 especially). Which is fine but problem is NCT seems to be experimental and never really found their niche in the Western Market.

As much as normies shit on TWICE music, you can’t deny that they have a stable niche that has solidified in the West, with sold out concerts and strong visibility in western media.

Poppy, feminine and catchy songs are strongly tied to the Twice’s brand. If there are Westeners that crave these kind of music, they’ll mostly like go to TWICE first.

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