SM is lying that Kai’s unexpected enlistment is due to recent changes in the law regarding military service?

[Exclusive] EXO Kai, unexpected enlistment… Military Manpower Administration “You can postpone your enlistment up to 5 times”

Military Manpower Administration, “Typically, those who receive a military service summon letter can request to postpone the date of their enlistment a total of 5 times within a period of 2-years after receiving the summon.”

SM Entertainment said, “Although Kai had been preparing for EXO’s comeback later this year, due to recent changes in the law regarding military enlistment, Kai will be enlisting on May 11.”

The rep indicated that Kai has already used up all 5 postponement requests, and therefore has no choice but to enlist on the date indicated by his summon letter

1. It’s SM’s fault, I feel sorry for the members and fans

2. But didn’t Kai know about this? Why did he act like he was surprised?

3. They blamed Military Manpower Administration, he was born in 1994 and it’s time for him to enlist

4. No, why is he talking so much when he is going to enlist at the age of 30 after earning so much money?

5. This is all SM’s fault

6. Who can watch EXO’s stage without Kai?

7. So SM is lying that Kai’s unexpected enlistment is due to recent changes in the law regarding military service

8. He’s 30 years old, shouldn’t he be ready to enlist at any time?

9. But… he’s enlisting… It’s true that his company doesn’t check it, but shouldn’t he check it too?

10. He said he suddenly enlisted, so what did Military Manpower Administration do wrong?

11. EXO should have made a comeback in April

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he postponed 5 times already, which is the limit you can legally postpone, so why was he so ‘surprised’ to receive his notice? his fans dramatizing as well as if he was done some kind of injustice.. if anything kai, his company, and his fans, should be thankful they were kind enough to give him 1 week notice in order to prepare 🤷🏾‍♀️


So he was the one postponing 5 times and he was also the one feel wronged? That guy is as ridiculous as his fans


sm just want exo fans to attack bts


Karma is real n the exol comments really aged like milk lol. I knew that its not really sudden. By the 5th time delay, he should have already slow down his activities.


They dragged Jin for having teary eyes but their fav straight up crying on a live stream as if he’s going to be serving in the front line when he actually will only be in public service


This guy is 29 years old, the law regulating military service had changed and now the government watches like hawks all those who ask to defer or try to evade because of what happened to Ravi. And even knowing what was going on they were preparing the comeback, you have to be a fool, both him and his company. I’m glad they didn’t let him get away with it, it’s about time. 


damn turns out all that talk about evading enlistment exols were doing should’ve been addressed to their own favorites instead lmao who would’ve thought?!?!


real men shouldnt be dragged by they ear to the boot camp

Color color stan

Not sm and exo ls spreading around that there was a change but there is one lol. their fav is beyond the age limit already but wanting to postpone. you don’t have a cultural merit so stfu and enlist

WhatsThe Point

It’s baffling to watch eggs claim that they never harassed BTS especially jin. Kpop stans too. Y’all are expert in deflecting, playing victim and rewriting history


the way BTS’s enlistment was been brought up by kpop stans since 2018.. like that was when Jin was 26 years old (ie he still had 2 years, even without postponement) and JK was 21 years old (like barely in his 20s and being told to enlist)… like


I knew it was sketchy that he “didn’t know” and had “to enlist next week” bc I didn’t want to jump to conclusions but this is really funny and embarrassing.

Like this guy postponed the max amt already and hoped he can postpone again only to find out he was summoned on the day he didn’t expect.

I understand the tears bc its next week already but he should’ve expected to be summoned any day when he least expected it but he thought he slipped under the radar until after grp cb or something. And look, now he’s just messed up his grps cb & fans hope.

This is why he should’ve only postponed 4 time and leave it as that so on the 5th one he can choose when to go and stop activities & be able to mentally prepare for the military.

Last edited 7 months ago by Alex

Well, at least it will gives rotten eggsol excuses when the group cb gonna be another flop. “it’s bcs 1 of the member is in the military”, “its not a full group cb” pathetic as it sound

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