SM opens idol training center in Daechi-dong, 10 million won per semester

[Exclusive] Opening SM idol training center in Daechi-dong… 10 million won per semester

1. It’s not like everyone who goes there will debut, and I don’t know if they will become trainees or not, but SM seems to be trying to make money off of students’ dreams

2. If I do well there, can I sign a contract with SM?

3. 10 million won per semester ㅋㅋㅋㅋ F*cking expensive

4. Anyway, only a few of the kids there will become SM trainees

5. So only kids from rich families can become celebrities

6. If you look at the prices of academies in Daechi-dong, you will be convinced

7. If you go there, you will become a trainee, right?

8. It’s just an academy that’s no different from other academies, so why are you angry?

9. How many SM idols are there from that academy?

10. I want to go there.. I’m curious how they practice

11. It’s just an academy run by SM

12. It’s not like you’ll become an idol if you study there

13. Kids who want to be idols go to dance and vocal academies anyway, so what’s the problem?

14. It’s just for making money

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