SM plans to create NCT Tokyo and NCT Saudi

1. It’s funny when they talk about NCT Saudi

2. I don’t think they can manage their groups… I’m not a fan, but why don’t they care about Aespa?

3. Please don’t do this.. Stop it now.. ㅠㅠ I hate it so much

4. Don’t talk about SuperM anymore. Please take good care of your groups

5. Honestly, it’s a failed system, but they’ve come this far thanks to the members’ charms

6. Is SM crazy? They can’t even manage existing groups properly

7. Please take care of your kids…

8. First of all, the system itself doesn’t seem to be suitable for Korea

9. Since they can’t enter the US and they are blocked in China, is the Middle East their alternative destination?

10. Just go to Tokyo and stop… And if you think about Mark, SuperM is the roadblock.. His schedule is horrible

11. Don’t do it anymore ㅠㅠ I want to see a group with a different name

12. Please stop…

13. Why are you taking advantage of NCT…?

14. Seriously, it’s like a factory

15. Just create a new group

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Lee soo man in his delusional era


isnt he already quit sm ?


nope. he’s about to make a new documentary to call himself king of kpop… that old man is next level delusional


He always in his delusional era


Always has been. He gave up his dream of being an executive at a big tech company after no one wanted to pay for his sm shares and went back to destroying kpop’s image once again


Lee Soo Man has totally lost his mind, even the original NCT, whatever it is because there are too many subunits, has not been really successful. 


What happened to NCT Hollywood and NCT SEA? lol


That idea was scraped. The Hollywood one. We nctzens were happy for it only to have this Saudi thing suddenly coming forward.


This man is so delusional


This man is single handedly responsible to make kpop embarrassing and cringe




Hopefully after he fails again this time the board members will finally say enough is enough and boot him and his glaringly shitty ideas out the door.


someone has to stop sm


Can. They. Give. Better. Treatment. To. NCT. Existing. Subunits. And. Sungtaro. Before. Making. Halal. Music. Can. They.?


127 got worst treatment out of every sm group this year. Their cb plan were mess, concerts were mess, repackage got shifted to next year, sm posting apologies after apologise for the mismanagement of the group. The boys had so much potential but Idk what’s going into sm headquarters really. They didn’t even provided their music for radio plays and shit. Idk how albums were shipping cause i got mine after two whole months! And at the end they are doing some sm family shit. I am so done with sm already like so done.


After doing all these I am pretty sure they are wondering in their conference halls as to why their groups aren’t doing well like other company groups in overseas other than China. Well what do they really think when they pull these shits on the groups who have potential to be famous in overseas from sm. 2 baddies spent 10 weeks in bb 200 and is only sm group to do that this year but many ppl dont even know that why? Cause sm didn’t post it obviously.


and they’re all gonna flop


Can they take care of the existing NCT Subunits first?!?!

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