SM says that EXO Baekhyun, Xiumin and Chen’s notice of the termination of the exclusive contract is due to illegal actions from outside forces

SM side “EXO Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen’s notice of the termination of the exclusive contract, illegal actions from outside forces”

1. Wow I thought it was 2009

2. So why has SM refused to present its artists with clear, transparent records of the artists’ earnings and payments?

3. Outside forces…? No, what drama are they filming?

4. This is why I laugh every time SM fans tell me that SM is good at paying

5. SM just needs to reveal the account statement, I guess they can’t do that

6. SM hasn’t changed, as expected

7. Is this deja vu?

8. EXO was treated like that, I guess other singers were treated worse

9. SM is still doing what they did 20 years ago?

10. SM 3.0 and nothing has changed

11. As expected, the problem is not only Lee Soo Man, but the company itself is the problem

12. Wow, it gave me goosebumps. SM is truly eternal..

13. SM is a crazy company

14. No, it’s 2023 and they’re still doing this?

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Kpopies were saying that hybe was going to be sm’s disgrace, that it was going to cause many groups to disband, kpopies were wrong, it is sm itself that is the problem. 

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The 1st paragraph actual meaning:
Our artists are idiots & lacks of thinking skills thus easily fooled by other people & their so called fake docs, which we refused to disclose anyway


outside forces = lawyers who opened their eyes and made them realize that sm’s a corrupt company


NCT’s next

Teenaged puppy

Pink bloods got what the deserved. I have not an ounce of sympathy for the artist, the fans or the employees. They all got the karma they e been putting out for years being the worse type of trash


Loosepink next

John Xina

Ls deserve this suffering lol.


I’m not gonna ask why SME is being like this when this is just DBSK all over again, but I hope the last two members of DBSK take this as a sign to run while they can and maybe NCT as well.

All CBX are asking for is documentation of proper transparency regarding their payment and SME is not even doing that citing outside sources that were already denied by the company they’re pointing fingers at LMAO

A good guest

I need 127 to be free from this company

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