SM staff release statement against HYBE and supporting current CEOs Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Jun

SM staff “against HYBE… Cheering for current CEOs Lee Sung Soo and Tak Young Jun”

1. Why do kids who are not staff and have nothing to do with SM trust HYBE and curse at the staff?? What really happened?

2. I’m a fan of SM singers, and SM is a company that runs on employees, so I respect and support their opinions

3. Fighting.. Whatever it is, I hope it’s an outcome that benefits the artists and staff

4. One of the things that really surprised me when I saw what happened this time was that the staff are really loyal to SM

5. SM staff, fighting!

6. I’m a fan of HYBE idols, but I support them. SM staff are so loyal to the company

7. No matter what happens, the first thing to do is destroy Lee Soo Man

8. So if HYBE wants to give up, does SM have to buy back the shares that HYBE bought from Lee Soo Man??

9. I’m a fan of HYBE idols, but I support SM staff

10. Staff and artists suffered the most ㅠㅠㅠ Fighting!

11. So are SM staff supporting Kakao??

12. Wow, I can feel the sincerity of the staff

13. HYBE, please sell it when SM’s stock price goes up, please destroy Lee Soo Man

14. I wonder what Lee Soo Man thinks when he sees this now

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I mean, if they want their company and jobs to crash and burn… Good for them, shooting themselves in the foot.


or maybe the higher ups told them to say this, and they are scared to loose their jobs


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All these but support kakao 😭😭😭 sm employees as dumb as kpop fans


Aaah, if I think about it, hybe better sells lsm stocks to buy another company…
Also, so many of your artists have a great chart performance too…


Well no wonder SM is falling the staffs are dumb as fuck


And again there is 200 people lmaoo


Yeah, that’s got me side-eyeing this a little.


i say, let sm crash and burn… oh, wait. that already happened


with these dumb staffs, no wonder LSM could have his way for over 20 years lmao


Either lsm’s nephew has brainwashed them or threatened them to say this. 


yup they think chris lee & the other CEO of sm are innocent… it’s no wonder sm staff are treated like crap because they think loyalty vs than their own worth. no idiot person will be loyal to a cooperation because at the end of the day it’s just a normal job


sm staffs needs to realize they also need to get rid of those in bod and higher ups especially chris lee, it’s not about your pride only , but these are also the same people that been enjoying the money that lee sooman embezzled , tons of the money that the company gains mostly goes into their pockets while you , the staffs just get the bare minimum with minimal raises while they overwork you to death.


look at all those hybe asslickers on this web lol sad


If you don’t think that statement is bs you’re the asslicker 😭


They are seriously so delusional in this comment section. You can tell they don’t have a clue wtf they arre talking about. I really want them to explain to me just how it is SM is going to crash and burn without HYBE as if SM is going to suddenly stop being the top of the big 3 if they lose HYBE. I honestly hope it happens just to see the stupid responses they’ll make.


They’re crashing right now honey why do you think so much internal drama is going on 😭


Crashing? Lmao, you must seriously be a child who knows nothing about business if you think this is “crashing.” SM is a multi-million dollar corporation. Squabbling among board members is nothing new. This kind of stuff happens all the time with big companies, the only difference with SM is that they are airing it out to the public. You delusional HYBE stans don’t seem to realize that not only does SM not want HYBE, but they do not need them either. HYBE is the one that is desperate to take over SM because they are aware of its value. HYBE is the one gaining the most benefit here, not the other way around. HYBE is the one who’s been trying to buy Lee Soo Man’s shares since last year but got turned away because Lee Soo Man had the upper hand in the negotiations and didn’t like HYBE’s offer. The only reason Lee Soo Man sold to HYBE now is out of pettiness, not because Lee Soo Man thinks HYBE is some sort of savior for his company. It’s better for you to get over your pathetic white knight complex.

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No one’s reading all that 😭 their profits have been declining for the longest time and internal politics are awful… so many multimillion dollar companies have crashed before lmao

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desoerate? 😂 honey bts in 2017 alone can destroyed every sm idol lmaooooo . so let’s not talk about hybe in 2023


10000 times better than sm’s ass lickers

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this are all kakao supporters and brainwashed by chris lee… the “loyal” sm staff are the one who trusted lsm and now are loud because everything started by align is causing the internal fights.
usually the ones who are loud are the ones who knoes they are the ones that are going to be fired, kakao will do the same as hybe lol


honestly idc how sm burns if being bought by kakao is what takes sm down I support it


Never seen a company and staff be so bitter that they’d reject help from a company doing way better than them because their still mad that they got outsold. Money and power is on the line but Pride is dangerous and It will be SMs nail in the coffin. Luckily for me I’ve been rooting for a swift SM collapse.


SM would rather choose to go bankrupt than being under hybe because its hurt their ego lmao. Its not them being loyal but more about its hurt their ego n afraid get to be fired. At this rate, if hybe dont buy the shares, SM really gonna fall eventually.


I mean its good that they share these opinion, but unless you are part of a worker’s union companies never care about what employees think, you are under them, they can do can as they please and you can just watch


Some knetz r dumb af buying into mediaplay. LSM’s management track record w the company has nothing to do with HYBE who’s buying the share as any other investor. Atp I wish to see Chris Lee the partner in crime with his uncle be ousted too


This people really saying evil capitalist hybe when Sm is the example of that and Kakao the monopoly that will destroy everything. I hope they get what they want and when everything goes to hell. They cry for being dumb. I just want my artist to be protected I really don’t care about sm’s groups or future.


“Protect Sm and pinkblood”


So SM staff supported tax evasion all this time but suddenly blaming it all on Hybe? Lmao 😂😂


Everyone who’s worked at a big company would know this statement is from a bunch of managers who’re close to the CEOs they mentioned and not the whole staff 😭


This is the most unserious statement ever. It sounds like it was made by an SM stan😭


Those lazy xenophobic outdate employees don’t want to get fired from job 🤣


Just give it to kakao, it’s not a loss to hybe tho. They’re not in the position who urgently needs money to operate their company’s future plans, even if hybe pulled back, sm still has to face the feud between lsm and them, still has to adapt to the new management, still has to face the possibility of being monopolized by kakao, morever, unlike hybe who had promised to not interfere with production matters and will continue to maintain the characteristics of sm, kakao still doesn’t give clear statement of how they will manage sm when they take over the company.

It is what it is

I don’t understand, it’s just their pride not wanting hybe or is it something else? Going this length it’s suspicious


They want to be part of kakao cuz they already have deals with them
Meanwhile they know hybe can investigate and fine more shady business abt them

It is what it is

That makes more sense than it being bc of their pride. I’m sure there’s more people involved in LSM affairs.


there’s a new article that just got released that the 200 sm staff out of 600 wants independence due to their pride, they admitted they were brainwashed by lsm & the current ceo’s of sm for the longest & the sm executives thinks the same way but cl did got scared when hybe said in articles that they will investigate top to bottom in sm & dispatch called out cl alongside lsm that he isn’t innocent as he claims because he was supporting lsm side business

Hi, I'm Guest

The feeling of wanting to see dumb sm stans & staffs ego & pride crumbling when HYBE win this are so unbearable. Uuurghhh~ but I want kakao to ruin & burn whatever left that the stans & staffs take pride off to ashes~😣😣

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They want the kakao privilege
Btw kakao is not winning the lawsuit against lsm
Liked or not kakao has what hybe dont that its connections

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