SM’s heyday lineup vs HYBE’s current lineup, who’s stronger?

SM’s heyday lineup: TVXQ, SHINee, SNSD, Super Junior, EXO, f(x)

HYBE’s current lineup: BTS, Seventeen, TXT, ENHYPEN, NewJeans, LE SSERAFIM

In SM’s heyday, there weren’t any groups that stood out but they were uniform and had their own colors

Currently, HYBE seems to have nothing to see but BTS. It’s like the BTS cover that covers everything

[+521, -131]

1. [+498, -45] SM created those groups, and HYBE took over those groups from other agencies.. I’m not a fan of anyone, but I think this is incomparable

2. [+371, -42] Are you comparing this..?

3. [+329, -169] SM won overwhelmingly, but TVXQ won both in their heyday

4. [+315, -4] SM’s heyday is different from now and the size of the idol market has changed, so comparison is pointless

5. [+71, -118] You guys are crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even if HYBE has only BTS, they’re better than all those SM groups

6. [+56, -10] SM as a lineup, but as a singer, BTS is overwhelming

7. [+36, -30] Well, you’ll go back 20 years to try to beat HYBE once;;

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Literally only Seventeen was “taken” from another agency. You could exclude them and Hybe would still be strong (especially considering the jumps that BTS were able to make that no SM group could possibly reach)


bts literally earn almost $100m just japan alone with no promotions all year, that’s a lot of money


But sm reputation in korea is still stronger . All these hybe groups are successful internationally and maybe in korea but they are still can’t make the company better than sm except offc bts as you can see they all comparing bts vs sm


And now hybe has newjeans who extremely popular in korea right now. Only big3 kpop fans dont want to admit that hybe is so huge now.


But… if— based completely off your comment— Hybe has international and “maybe” (there’s no maybe tbh, bts, nwjns and lsf are monsters) domestic success, then they’re actually better off. Especially since the international market is bigger. For example, Hybe groups arguably perform better in US and Japan, the #1 and #2 biggest music markets in the world whereas SK is at #7 cmiiw.


well when you can pay off the media you’re bound to have a good reputation


Nope they took all the popular members of disbanded groups and they took gfriend, zico, who had established careers. Hybe is not yet proven capable of producing multiple self formulated idol groups like SM did. Theyre best product after bts is txt, which is still below the level of SM lineups. Bts did wonders, yes. But if you compare the companies, hybe is not at the level of SM who has its own legacy


SM is nowhere near HYBE in today’s time, tbvh. BTS is enough to overwhelm all those groups whose lineup is decades back.


Hybe only took over one pretty big group: Seventeen and then fromis_9 cause Gfriend is gone. Newjeans, Lesserafim, TXT and Enhypen (to some extent) all debuted under Hybe and not as acquisition.

Besides, it’s quite funny how SM stans are like Hybe only has BTS lmao. BTS alone is massive enough to take on all groups produced by the Big 3 and made Hybe thee BIG ONE in terms of sheer revenue.

And don’t talk to me about legacy and whatnot cause DSP would be big 3 if yall cared about kpop legacy.


BTS is superior to all other groups its a simple fact at this point lmao

WhatsThe Point

BTS is literally bigger than kpop as a whole, let alone sm or fckass big3


What a dumbass comments. TWICE, Blackpink, Seventeen, Stray Kids – those four combined alone have higher sales/concert gross than BTS. How is BTS literally bigger than kpop as a whole? Yes, BTS is big but get out of here with that hyperbole statement.


it’s not hyperbole lol compare the stats and you will know


Ok, let’s compare the stats.
BTS: $3.6 Billion revenue 2022 (estimated)
Blackpink: $1.6 Billion revenue 2022 (estimated), TWICE $1 Billion revenue 2022 (estimated), Seventeen $1 Billion revenue 2022 (estimated), Stray Kids $800 million revenue 2022 (estimated).

$1.6 + $1 + $1 + $0.8 = $4.4 Billion > $3.6 Billion. Now you know?


BTS paved the way for all these groups.


Doesn’t matter if “they paved the way.” BigBang paved the way for BTS, H.O.T pave the way for BigBang, SeoTaiji paved the way for H.O.T. I’m reply to the idiotic comment saying BTS is literally bigger than Kpop as a whole when that’s a false comment.


Big Bang did what? Don’t make me laugh! And yes, BTS is bigger than kpop. We know that’s upsetting, kpopies, but it’s the truth. 


kkkkk notice how you have to combine them. Locals know bts and even if they know what kpop is, they only know bts’ name. No one cares about those other groups other than the fansn


you could list every sm artist and for hybe only bts and id still say bts.


First of all, people forget that Hybe and SM play in literally different stock markets (kospi vs kosdaq) because Hybe valuation is THAT high and that was all thanks to BTS and BTS alone. Then you add rookies NJ and LSF who are high performing promising groups and TXT who are growing and have high sales of their own. SM stans can cry all they want but even their golden years is a pale comparison


Which makes it even funnier that BTS antis celebrate every time Hybe stock dips, because even at its lowest point, it has NEVER been worth less than SM stock at its historic peak.


BTS is literally bigger than kpop. But if you exclude them, then ig SM taking this


How is BTS bigger than kpop? Blackpink, TWICE, Stray Kids, Seventeen – just those four combined (and not including the hundreds of other Kpop artists) have bigger sales/revenue than BTS. If you had all the other Kpop artists, they would be 10x bigger than BTS.

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it’s really sad that SM stans have to summon their groups’ fame from years ago just to imagine a world where they can beat HYBE.. but past is past so this comparison is pointless.. whatever makes them happy, I guess.. 😅


You do know that BTS is also a past group also right 🤣 So why yall not praising TXT, New Jeans, Les Serfeam the way… oh b/c Hype only claim to fame is BTS and their other grps is NOOO where as a heavy hitter like SM artist. So in conclusion, SM has more longevity, impactful, and loyal artists compare to HYBE. So it’ll be interesting to see now that their “milk ticket artist” is on hiatus will they be able to push out more artists to be on the level of SM’s many successful artists compared to HYPE’s one 😆


Keyword: “””Heyday”””
In conclusion: they still living in the past. They can’t compete with current wave, so they use the ~once upon a time~ approach to make them seem superior and undermining Hybe’s artists influence (or I’d say bts lol). that’s sad 🙁


That’s all yall got is BTS lol a decade old group that is HYPE’s only claim to fame 🤣 Yall can’t even keep up that same energy for their other grps 🙄 (look at all the other comments only ever mentioning BTS. NOW THAT’S SAD 🙃)


BTS alone is 5 times bigger than the whole sm lol

Dot Com

These people are delusional. BTS alone is enough to decimate SM at any time. No line up or company is competing with this one group and they’re bitter about it lol


No matter who SM has on its payroll, Hybe will always win because it has BTS, the biggest group in the world. 


A company built from the ground up or a company full of acquisitions?
Ones like growing seeds from scratch, and one grew a few seeds, then fostered a few plants then grew attached adopted it.
Both works just fine. Companies have different goals. It is what it is. Also different times. There was no social media back then

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you think bighit wasn’t built from the ground up?? are you okay in the head lol


i mean bts alone is better than all of sm’s heyday groups so is this even comparable lmao


Who’s still listening to SM music their stream are low as nugu

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