SM’s most shocking contract content among Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin’s statements

1. But why do they still renew the contract when they know there is such a clause when renewing the contract? No, if this is not good for them, should they renew the contract?

2. It’s definitely a slave contract

3. Whenever something like this happens, I feel so sorry for the idols

4. SM should have been acquired by HYBE

5. Is that only for EXO…? I think all SM artists will be included

6. It’s a slave contract…… As an office worker, if you don’t complete certain projects, you can’t leave the company…

7. Is that why EXO’s comeback plan was delayed??

8. Because the album was delayed, they couldn’t leave SM

9. That’s why the album didn’t come out, SM is disgusting

10. SM is like a bully

11. Ah, that’s why my idols’ albums weren’t released as planned?

12. I thought the album was delayed because the company couldn’t handle it because there were too many artists

13. What has changed since 2009?

14. If EXO is treated like this when renewing their contracts, what will happen to the rookies?

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lmao, that’s insane.. SM albums depend heavily on the management so if they keep delaying releases then it’s really impossible to get out of the company.. I’m starting to assume album delays are deliberate.. 😳


I just want this company to collapse so that all artists can get their freedom


Its like western label right? the contract is based on the number of album release


That’s ridiculous! I applaud them for exposing SM, and I’m sure this is barely just a scratch on the surface. I hope the company gets investigated thoroughly and all their atrocities are brought to light so that they can no longer hide behind their artists and manipulate fandoms.

EXO is one of their most successful acts…if they were treated this way, then I can only imagine how much worse it is for NCT/Aespa. The second gen artists are all 15+ years into their career and probably went through multiple contract revisions, but the newer groups…yikes. I wish there was a way for all of them to get outta there. I can totally see some 127/WayV members being fed up and following this path in the future.

A company that uses its artists as tools to facilitate its corruption, does not deserve it’s artists. Period.

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Pink bloods, kpoppies and sm stans all getting their overdue karma. Slutpink next

good morning

Website Mods, when are you going to ban this user?


Nothing has changed in this company since the termination of the contracts of DBSK or the Chinese participants of SuJu. Everyone has the same stories, and every time SM expels them from the country from television and from showbiz if they did not part amicably. Their music lyrics are all under the responsibility of the company so this is pure trickery. After all, having, say, 2 albums in a contract for a year, they will easily raise hopes and faith in the artists in their honesty if they prepare these albums as they should, and then postpone the release of the second one until a certain milestone has passed. Of course, all the shifts in the album release schedule and delays are not accidental. Not so long ago, this pattern could be observed with Red Velvet when suddenly their album and then the clip came out with a strong delay. Just about that time, in theory, their contract was supposed to “end”. When an artist understands what is happening, the company suddenly “forgets” about them.
Fx? How many years have they been sitting in the basement? why do you think they haven’t left the company yet?

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Teenaged puppy

Exols suddenly want sympathy. Ha

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