SM’s most shocking contract content among Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin’s statements

1. But why do they still renew the contract when they know there is such a clause when renewing the contract? No, if this is not good for them, should they renew the contract?

2. It’s definitely a slave contract

3. Whenever something like this happens, I feel so sorry for the idols

4. SM should have been acquired by HYBE

5. Is that only for EXO…? I think all SM artists will be included

6. It’s a slave contract…… As an office worker, if you don’t complete certain projects, you can’t leave the company…

7. Is that why EXO’s comeback plan was delayed??

8. Because the album was delayed, they couldn’t leave SM

9. That’s why the album didn’t come out, SM is disgusting

10. SM is like a bully

11. Ah, that’s why my idols’ albums weren’t released as planned?

12. I thought the album was delayed because the company couldn’t handle it because there were too many artists

13. What has changed since 2009?

14. If EXO is treated like this when renewing their contracts, what will happen to the rookies?

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