SM’s new boy group to debut in early September, the birth of the strongest 5th generation idol

[Exclusive] SM’s new boy group to debut in early September… The birth of the strongest 5th generation idol ‘Monster Rookie’

According to Sports Chosun, SM’s new boy group is preparing to debut in early September. They are currently filming the MV for their debut song in Los Angeles, US

1. This group has Sungchan and Japanese members, right?

2. Oh, SM finally debuted a new boy group

3. This is SM’s first new male idol group since NCT

4. Only 4 people???

5. The 4th generation is even just getting started, so why do they keep saying it’s the 5th generation?

6. No, why are they talking about the 5th generation these days? Looks like the 4th generation is at its golden age

7. Are there any Chinese there?

8. I don’t expect much from SM male idols anymore

9. It’s been 7 years since NCT debuted in 2016 ㅋㅋㅠㅠㅠ I’ve been waiting for so long

10. Maybe it’s because there are 2 members who used to be NCT, but it’s not like a rookie group, it’s more like a derivative group from NCT

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Just 4 members? That’s the smallest group SM had so far

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