SM’s new male trainee who suits NCT’s type so well


He looks like a mix of NCT members
He also reminds me of WayV’s members

1. He looks like Taeyong + Jaehyun

2. He looks like a mix between Gong Myung and Ha Seok Jin

3. SM really likes faces like this

4. All the handsome boys are in SM’s basement

5. He looks like an actor so I can’t imagine what he would look like while dancing and singing

6. He looks like Jaehyun in the first picture

7. When I saw him for the first time, I thought he was a member of NCT, he’s so handsome

8. He looks like Juyeon + Cha Eunwoo

9. He looks like Kim Junsu

10. He looks more like a model or an actor than an idol

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