SM’s rookie idol boy group RIIZE gets a lot of reactions that their hairstyles are so bad

There are many opinions that it’s like their hairstyles kill their handsome faces..

One of the members who looks the ugliest, on the far left (Sungchan), has normal hair

1. I thought they were a Japanese boy group

2. They look like Japanese male idols ㅜㅜ

3. Even if Sungchan only has normal hair, he has a pretty face, but what the hell is that hair?

4. What’s up with their hair?

5. No, what did they do with these handsome guys?

6. They look like Japanese kids because of their hair

7. Seriously, they look really ugly

8. Is this a rookie group..? Why do they look so old?

9. They don’t look like rookies, they look like a group that’s been active for about 5 years

10. Hul.. Why is their hair like that? ㅠㅠ They look like Japanese idols

11. Is this SM’s strategy to deliberately lower expectations???

12. There is no handsome member in this group

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