Snooze, BTS Suga’s new song, just looking at the lyrics makes people cry

1. I’m in tears ㅠㅠ

2. The lyrics really make my heart ache ㅠㅠ I hope the hoobaes will be healed after listening to it ㅠㅠ

3. He writes lyrics so well

4. Wow, I really cried ㅠㅠ Both the lyrics and the song are crazy

5. Wow, Yoongi-yah, the lyrics are so good. Thank you

6. I’m listening to the song while looking at the lyrics, and I’m in tears

7. I can’t help but love Yoongi’s lyrics

8. It reminds me of the hard road that BTS has gone through, and I hope that it will be a strength for the hoobaes and people in the music industry

9. The lyrics are so good.. I hope the lyrics can comfort those who are having a hard time

10. Just looking at the lyrics makes me cry ㅠㅠ

11. The lyrics are good and the song is good too

12. The lyrics are amazing, as expected from Yoongi

13. Seriously, the entire lyrics of this album are absolutely insane ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

14. I haven’t listened to the song yet, but I’ve read the lyrics, but I’m sad when I recall yesterday’s unfortunate incident

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WhatsThe Point

Man yoongi has been through a lot. I love him so much.
Snooze, life goes on and amygdala made me cry.. I love haegeum too.
All songs are so good.


Amygdala hits different 😭


wow you’re so fast to listen to his songs and even clicking this post and comment on it. I’m impressed! Even his own fans not so fast like you. heck the dedication to hate on people, I admire your miserable soul :’))

how does it feels tho when you comment something negative? did you have fun? did you feel excited with high expectation that FINALLY! people will give attention to you that you couldn’t get in real life?

Seriously.. I always curious over how haters mind.. What were in their thought when they comment something just for the sake of inciting peoples negative reaction to your comment. Did that make you feel something meaningful happened in your life?

Sighh.. haters are really fascinating miserable creatures.. and miseries love company so I see what you expect there.. hope your real life get better though :’))

Blackpink the youtube slaves

ofc a blonk like you is not capable of understanding lyrics. That’s why Teddy make your girlies sing ratatata dududu


Suga, a great musician writes great lyrics for sure🔥


Get out. I know you’re mad at him because he drop a masterpiece album today. But you shouldn’t say this bullshit. Your mum might mad at to you👌


What i say? I ask because I m confused


K-pop fandoms bullying BTS on twitter
and BTS bullying their favs on the charts,
shit is wild

My fav sentence. If you confused read it babe😘


But this time it’s not bts but suga surpasses your idols ✨

Flopga bullied by rookies on chart

What chart, cz his song is out of top 100 in hour 🤣

Blackpink the youtube slaves

stop deleting comments 🙄 so obvious you’re a blonk


Exactly. We twink blonks are so obvious

Miss mochi

Guys is twitter down?

Color color stan

No one cares about that liar 😂

Flopga bullied by rookies on chart

No one cares about this cult leader stan 😝

Slvthyung is being passed around by wooga

Snooze by suga gonna be a huge snoozefest 😭

Blackpink the youtube slaves

no one care about seoul cycle

Color color stan

D-Day now holds the record for the most sold albums by a korean soloist on hanteo on its first day, surpassing FACE by jimin. it’s bts vs. bts and none for kpop 😂


Another million seller in the first day! Congratulations Min Yoongi.

Color color stan

Here comes the 4 year old who can’t even spell fuck without censoring it. go back to streaming your favs instead of camping on bts posts so your favs can unflop themselves hmm?


Didn’t think it was possible for Yoongi to top D-2 for me, but goddamn it, he did it again. It’s insane! The whole album is flawless, but Snooze & Amygdala?? Top tier fr


You shippers so weird. But yes Jimin is king 👏


This is not AO3 or Wattpad 🤨


His lyrics always hits different


Best duo is Yoongi and his pen. Lackpink could never

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