SNSD Yoona shows she’s the best center of K-Pop groups with Ditto & Kitsch official fancam

SNSD Yoona Ditto & Kitsch official fancam

1. Im Yoona is Im Yoona

2. I really like Yoona’s dance

3. She’s especially good at using her neck.. Yoona is the best

4. I know Yoona dances well but every time I see her I’m amazed, she’s so pretty and dances well too

5. As expected, the center Yoona

6. She’s really good. As expected, the center is the center

7. She’s really good, especially she seems to use her arms so well

8. As expected, she’s the center of SNSD

9. As expected, Yoona dances so well

10. Legend is legend

11.Yoona is still Yoona

12. Yoona is so pretty and dances well

13. Goddess Yoona is amazing

14. She dances so well ㅠㅠㅠ

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