Some HYBE employees are under investigation for selling their shares before BTS’ announcement of hiatus

Some HYBE employees sold their own shares in the company just before the release of the YouTube video during which the BTS members announced that they would be halting their group activities temporarily

1. Is this country full of thieves and scammers?

2. These ba$tards act without any responsibility towards BTS

3. HYBE always takes advantage of BTS

4. I heard that the police are conducting an investigation on HYBE… I was surprised when I saw the article

5. But BTS didn’t do anything wrong, so do you necessarily put BTS in the title? Can’t you just say that some HYBE employees are under investigation?

6. It’s stock price manipulation

7. I hope they reveal who it is. HYBE is crazy, even the employees are taking advantage of BTS

8. I’m a fan of HYBE idols, but I hate HYBE and employees

9. Those employees should be fired

10. I really hate HYBE

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Corrupt company.


And company stan still think this hybe is full of saint ppl who wouldn’t betray the member someday🤢some already selling their private info/schedule/pic for 💰


Comp stan will downvote this lol. They really think those sasaeng, anti, etc didnt get any info from insider lol. At the end, this comp only care abt money and they can throw the one who build the comp under the bus


They all are very worst because they didn’t keep information private hybe creating problems when it comes to jungkook let me tell you guys just release the jungkook album as soon as possible otherwise your staff leaked every information about jk activities be a human respect your artist .


no staff is sane in that company smh


This company is sick. I believe Taekarma and kookarma will hit them so hard one day


This company really has no shame, always do stupid shit and make themselves look bad then depend on BTS’s names and good results to clear the mess for them while doing the bare minimum to promote BTS’s projects. It’s a miracle BTS still stay with them until now.

Last edited 7 months ago by Colin

This is why you should never hang onto any company bc all it takes are just a couple of ppl in it to make a mess of things.

But it is true that they NEED to leave BTS’s name out when it’s got nothing to do with them. BTS is not Hybe.


The entire company was built on bribing people otherwise nobody would give a fuck about BTS considering they are talentless and fucking ugly


jin and jhope did this , they should be investigated too

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