Some netizens say that seeing how BTS purchases houses drives them crazy

Seeing how BTS is purchasing houses is driving me crazy

“Am I not working harder than them?

Did they even try the SAT? Do they have to study 4 years at university? Do they have to take a personality test?

I had to do jobs I hated and no matter how much I worked, I couldn’t buy a house, while they could do what they liked and and because they got lucky, they hit big. It’s driving me crazy”

Why do they live like that?

[+876, -154]

1. [+314, -12] Celebrities are also betting their lives to do it, but if you’re confident, you can do it

2. [+286, -11] They live with inferiority complexㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+275, -8] The majority of people pass their SAT and spend 4 years at the university, why are you talking as if you were the only one who did it?.. Jin even attended Konkuk University before becoming a trainee

4. [+242, -15] It’s stupid to think that BTS just randomly appeared like that. They work so much harder than youㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+175, -7] If you live with inferiority complex, you can’t improve

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They talk like the boys never endured hardships or worked hard a day in their life??? people with victim mentality will never be happy with their lives so best to just ignore them and let them stew in their self-imposed suffering

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This is a weird post tbh. Like…the OP hate his life just bcs he think he work hards but still don’t get a sucessful life as good as BTS did. He envies other people’s good lives and seems like hating on BTS on his unsatisfying life. He’s crazy to think that his misfortunes has any relation to other people’s fortunes

But I wasn’t done

The same reason Korean men want bts to enlist. Jealousy. They wanna take them down a notch. If bts has to go then every able body should have to go


Your last sentence is correct. I don’t think we should turn the narrative of another countries enlistment process into something of jealousy, that’s very kpop-fan of you


This is jealousy🤣. Before you criticize others, you have to be at least as successful like them. That Netizen is probably living life with these obsessed thoughts. This is so funny get a life jvugudgi


Hard work…but op has the time to write a jealousy post about a group that doesnt know you exist. BTS have gone through enough. They started from the bottom and with nothing. Why they mad? They should be mad at those silver spoons and politician kids getting exempt from army and getting handed fortune without working at all instead of ppl that poured blood sweat and tears cannot even have privacy or live their lives normally


This is why we should all become socialists x

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